a living space
1. A space that has style, comfort, and functionality; it is alive and evolves organically over time.
2. The things in a living space are artfully collected and selected with care.
3. This blog, chronicling our adventures in vintage hunting for our own living space and our shop.

who we are:

Chris: A graduate of Bard College with a major in Photography, I am now teaching Photo and Video at a private boarding high school and pursuing new avenues of artistic exploration using inexpensive mediums.

Julia: Originally from Oregon, I graduated from Bard College in 2010 with a degree in Studio Art and French Studies. Since then, I have been an art teacher and worked at a children's museum, but now I'm looking forward to new adventures after our big cross-country move!

Together we just traveled across the country from Massachusetts to start over again in a little apartment in Ojai, California with our cat, Bella, and our dog, Odo.  We are constantly trying to improve the style and functionality of our small space on an equally small budget.  We love shopping at thrift stores and yard/estate sales to find the best deals on amazing everything (furniture, decor, kitchenware, etc.); we'll keep you posted on our best finds for ourselves and for sale in our Etsy shop.  In addition, we will share some of our simple DIY projects and style inspirations, as well as our own art projects. While we were engaged, we also posted about our adventures in wedding planning, and now that we're married (!!), I don't know... but I'm sure we'll write about life... and stuff :)

Comment on the blog, or contact us here; we'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi Guys, Greetings from Red Hook, Bard country. I recognize you from Taste Budd's. Glad to hear you tied the knot, congrats.....Thrifting here is pretty well played out.I think all those Hollywood shows have everyone running around thinking they are going to make lots,lots of money. But this not what's all about. It's about preserving and recycling our culture, and having fun with it. catch you on the rebound....


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