The Nifty Thrifty: September Goodies

Hi everyone!

Hope you've all been having lots of successful weeks of thrifting and have some fun posts to share with us!  We have a few finds to share from our trip to the Long Beach Antique Market last weekend, as well as some other stuff we picked up at an estate sale and a garage sale in Ojai.

In the end the Long Beach Flea turned out to be great and we got some good stuff, but for some reason it took a lot longer to find things we wanted to buy this time, so at first we were starting to get nervous that it was going to be a dud week.  We didn't find any good wire racks, which have kindof become our go-to at that flea market, so that was weird, but eventually we did find a good pile of things we were happy to take home with us:

We shared this photo on our Instagram last week after the Long Beach Antique Market to show off our finds, and I'm sharing it here, too, because we didn't photograph the things we are keeping for ourselves except in this picture.  Starting in the upper left we have a big lovely piece of dyed indigo fabric, which I originally bought to use for making upholstered stools but then we realized it would be perfect for making a simple upholstered headboard for our bed! Super excited for that DIY project.

On the indigo is a puffer fish, because it was only $3 and it's hilarious.  We need to figure out some kind of little stand for it or something.  It was the first thing we bought at the Long Beach flea, and it turns out that thing is crazy spiky, and I kept accidentally stabbing my legs with it even though we had it wrapped in bubble wrap in a plastic bag.

Over on the right is a lovely paint by number oil painting we bought for ourselves.  We weren't sure that it was a paint by number when we picked it up, but we just really liked the look of it and thought it would fit great in our bedroom (which we are changing up a little again).  I just found it in the Paint by Number Museum online here, so now we know for sure!  It's from 1960, and the colors are faded in a really nice way.

We also picked up a pile of little cacti and succulents at great prices, and they're all getting potted (in thrifted pots of course) to add to the greenery in our apartment and patio.

On Etsy here

We were very excited to stumble upon this surprisingly reasonably priced Cathrineholm teapot at the Long Beach Flea, which marks the second time we've found Cathrineholm there!  This kettle is in mostly great shape, and a good scrub made it look even better.

I always see lots of beautiful wool blankets at the Long Beach Flea, and I finally found a lovely Pendleton one that was reasonably priced enough to buy.  A little research once I got home told me that this is the Chief Joseph throw blanket.  While I love the mix of colors, it just doesn't work for our apartment, so it will be listed in our shop soon!

This set of three large Chemex coffee makers and a Chemex electric coffee warmer was the surprise find of the week last weekend at a garage sale in Ojai!  I think it was even the second day of that sale, but we stopped by on our way home from an estate sale (more on that in a moment), and we immediately noticed this set and tried not to act too excited when we saw the price.  They were rather dusty and grimy, but nothing a little dish soap couldn't fix.  The one in the center is your classic Chemex with the green marking on the base, and we're going to sell that one along with the warmer, which I was happy to find is in good working condition.  The one on the left is Chemex branded, but also is stamped "Auer SOG, Made in West Germany" which we've never seen before, so that was neat.  The one of the right is not marked and seems to be made of thinner glass that has kindof a wavy thing going on, so not sure what that one is about... maybe a newer one or a knock-off?

The estate sale I mentioned earlier was full of vintage goodies, and we got there early enough to get our names not too far down on the list, but there wasn't a whole lot that really felt like we needed it.  We're trying to be a little more picky so we don't end up with a bunch of stuff that doesn't sell, but there were a lot of great deals at this sale, so we picked up a few fun things on the cheap, including this large granny square crocheted blanket.  It is very well made with lots of great colors, and my burn test with a little piece of yarn I harvested from it tells me it's probably a mostly wool blend.

Chris found this old metal "No Smoking" sign in the garage, and we were charmed by the simple but interesting typography and the nice patina.  Up in the shop soon!

This little metal perpetual calendar is rather adorable, and I love the simple way it works by flipping the center part over for each day.  I don't think I could actually do a good job of keeping up with changing the date every day, but this little guy will live on our kitchen windowsill until it sells.

Finally we have this yellow cast iron enamel pan with a very long wood handle, which I found at the estate sale.  It is marked "Belgium" but not branded, and was such a good deal I could not resist.  It looks like Descoware to me, but who knows...

What do you think of our finds this month?  Did you pick up anything fun in September?  Feel free to link up all your posts!  Happy thrifting until next time :)

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  1. I was at LB as well, we might have crossed paths! The Cathrineholm is a great find! You did great!

  2. I am dying over that Pendleton blanket. Love the no smoking sign too!

  3. that paint by number is gorgeous! perfect colours. i also love the typography on the 'no smoking' sign.

  4. Hi, love your finds Julia and your photography. Thank you for hosting Nifty Thrifty. Love joining in.

  5. i think its hilarious that the ad that popped up for me right next to the nude painting was for a bra from Kohls. LOL!!

  6. You found some great stuff. Always love Pendleton blankets.

  7. Hi Julia & Christopher,
    Popped over from Sir-Thrift-a-lot's blog link party. Love your thrifty finds from the Long Beach flea. I've only been there once, and I need to go back soon. Do you ever go to the Topanga Vintage Flea at Pierce College in Woodland Hills? It's smaller than LB but has a great vendors. Following you now. Hope you'll come by and see what I did with the metal cabinet I bought at the LB flea. http://altered-artworks.blogspot.com

  8. Great finds! Love the crocheted blanket

  9. You got lovely things! I especially love the paint by number portrait. I would love it if you link up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. :) Jo


  10. Jealous of your finds as always especially your Catrineholm!!!

  11. I always pick up old afghans, they're just nice to have around and they always sell well! I love that you do a burn test to know what its made of, we do that too.


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