The Nifty Thrifty: Long Beach Antique Market

Hi everyone!

We are back from Indonesia (It was awesome! We'll probably write a post about it another day.) and hitting the ground running to get our Etsy shop back in action.  It has been sorely neglected as of late, but it's time to get it back in order and full of goodies, so we'll be doing lots of figurative running around behind the scenes to make that happen this month before we go on our next vacation in August to visit our families.  We have lots of handmade stuff to make and vintage stuff to list, but at the last minute we decided to kick things off right by heading down to the Long Beach Antique Market today, since we've heard so many good things about it.  This particular flea market is a good two hour drive from our apartment, so we got up way too early and made the trek, and luckily it was totally worth it, so thanks to everyone who recommended it!  There were many deals to be had, and we left very happy with armfuls of stuff after a couple hours of wheeling and dealing.  The few little things we are keeping didn't make it to have their photo taken this afternoon, but everything here will be listed in our Etsy shop:

A few things in this photo will show up again, but the main feature here is the lovely woven rug.  We haven't tried to sell any rugs on Etsy yet, as we've kept all the ones we have thrifted for ourselves so far, but we've seen some great ones on there, so we figured we'd give it a try.  I like the colors and the slightly-off pattern on this one, and it's small enough to easily roll up and ship, but big enough to make a statement, which sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Ah, Cathrineholm, how we have missed you.  We finally sold the last few pieces of Cathrineholm that were lingering in our shop earlier this year, so I was extra pleased when I spotted this tiny 4 inch bowl hiding in a booth.  Brown wouldn't be my first choice of color, but it's in excellent shape, and you just gotta love those bitty bowls.  The price didn't hurt either!

Apparently it was a plant stand kind of day!  Ok, we actually picked up the one on the right at a thrift store in Ventura the other day, but the other two were both found at the flea market, and we just love those hairpin legs.  Usually we buy plant stands for ourselves, and we would be happy to keep any of these, but we don't have quite the right spot for any of them on our patio (which I need to post about... I took photos weeks ago!), so into our Etsy shop they will go!

I spied this made in Japan enamel tin, and liked the bright colors and simple yet stylish design.  The seller was hilarious and offering great prices so before we left his booth we found something else to take home with us...

Another rug!  This one is a small southwestern style number.  It's a that perfect little size that could be used just about anywhere, and I like the interesting mix of colors.

Can't resist a good rotary phone, especially an aqua blue one like this!  We haven't had one in this classic design in awhile, but pretty much all telephones sell like crazy for us, so we were more than happy to strike a deal with this seller.  Many other Etsy sellers don't test their phones before listing, but we like to let people know what they're getting if we can; unfortunately this guy has the main problem we've run into with old rotary phones, which is a broken ringer.  So the phone still works, and if you have another phone hooked up to your landline it will ring to let you know someone is calling and then you can answer on this phone (or there might be other gadgets for this kind of thing... who knows).  An odd problem, and definitely a bummer, but we've sold phones with broken ringers in the past no problem, and this one is just so pretty I'm sure it will still sell.  Some people just buy them as props anyway!

This funny little red and black rotary phone was our last purchase of the day, and even though these totally aren't our colors, we know lots of people out there would love this combination.  Plus, look at that hilarious dog illustration in the middle of the rotary dial!  So good.  Also doesn't hurt that this one works perfectly.

It's the return of the Maurice Duchin phone stand!  If you've been counting, this is the third identical telephone stand we have purchased in the past year.  The other two flew off the (cyber) shelves of our shop, so hopefully this one will do the same!

Stands of all kinds were definitely the theme of the day, and I convinced Chris we needed to add this folding floral cloth and wood one to our growing collection.  I know this one isn't Chris's style, but I love it, and I'm sure there are many other ladies out there (and probably some gentlemen, too) who will agree with me!

To even things out, Chris nabbed this round gold magazine rack early in the day, and we knew we had chosen well after a bunch of other sellers kept commenting on how cool it was as we were carrying it around with us.  We've seen similar round ones before (in fact we own the black round one from this post, which we haven't been able to part with yet, even though we don't really have a good spot for it), but never one quite like this.  Small wire pieces like this have sold very well for us in general, so I'm hoping the trend continues.

And finally, I'm ending with our first purchase from the flea market today, which I'm not quite sure how to describe, but there's something about it I really like.  It's the skull of some unknown animal, which seems to have been varnished a little, and then there are strips of leather with beads and feathers tied to the outside of each eye socket.  It's sitting on a table in this photo, but you can actually hang it very easily from one of the holes on the back of the skull, and then it makes for a very interesting piece of wall decor (as you can see way back in the first photo, next to a random grey mask that was in the art building where we shoot these photos... the shot needed something else there and that's all I could find!).  The whole thing looks rather vintage, but I have no idea if it's actually a Native American piece, or if someone just put it together for funzies.

Oof, what a day!  We haven't had a Nifty Thrifty this long in quite some time.  I know I've been super irregular with blogging lately, but I do have quite a few posts in the works, so hopefully I'll actually have something other than just Nifty Thriftys to share soon!

In the meantime, what do you think of all our finds?  Which one is your favorite?  Have you been to the Long Beach Flea Market?  We would definitely recommend it (and thanks again to everyone who did!).  What did you thrift this week?  It's linking time!

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  1. Great, my first comment disappeared... Oh well, I was telling you how we might have crossed paths at the market. I also mentioned how I like this market and how good it is with everyone. Great finds and styling!

  2. Every last THING on this post! LOVE! That top rug is my favorite!!!!!!!

  3. Maybe the ringer in the aqua phone is broken - or maybe it's a bedroom phone! It used to be common to not have a ringer on a phone in a bedroom.

  4. Good finds, lots of zing. Thanks for Nifty Thrifty.

  5. I love the aqua phone!! And the plant stands. Very nice stuff. I didn't know about the Long Beach Flea Market and I'm only about 1/2 hour away! I'll be getting out there ASAP!

  6. It was so fun to follow you guys on Instagram during your trip. What a beautiful place... So dreamy...
    Great finds too! I've never seen brown CH.

  7. Welcome back! I love your stands :D

  8. Is your Cathrineholm bowl marked? I think I finally found one this weekend but it's not marked so I'm not sure!

    1. This particular Cathrineholm bowl is marked, but we own another one that does not have a mark on the bottom. I've personally never seen a knock-off Cathrineholm that looks anything like the real thing, and I've seen many unmarked Cathrineholm pieces, so I would bet yours is real. I'm not sure why some of the marks seem to rub off easier, or maybe they weren't all labeled in the first place? No idea.

  9. Hi I just found your fun blog and linky over on another blog. I went ahead and linked and older post. I'll be coming back next week with something new. I enjoyed visiting you. I love your blog.

  10. Hi there! I hopped over from Sweet Woodruffs. LOVE your party! I am also an Etsian will follow you there as well. Happy Fourth! Blessings, Cecilia

  11. Hi - just wanted to let you know a lot of these western electric 500 and similar phones actually have working ringers, but they are wired in an old style inside so that they don't ring on modern lines. We've fixed a lot of them in this way in past, it's just switching just one wire inside. Try google "western electric 500 fix ringer". Funny but we no longer have a land line, so wouldn't matter either way! ;)

  12. Hi, hopped over from My Thrift Store Addiction. Always love find other bloggers that love thrifty things. The phones are fabulous colors! I love red and aqua together. Happy to be joining in your party and a new follower.

  13. You've found lots of goodies, that's for sure. I love that rounded mag rack, and the Catherinholm bowl - I've never found one! Thank you for sharing this at the History & Home link party. Take care, Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  14. Wow, what amazing finds! I love those plants stands. I have been hunting flea markets around here for those but no luck so far. Your blog is lovely! Glad I found it :-)

  15. Thank you for shopping with us Julia and Christopher ! Some cool and awesome finds. Love your blog! Hope to see you on a 3rd Sunday again.


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