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Hi there,

Hope you all had a good couple weeks of thrifting!  I may only have a few finds compared to what we used to bring in, but I was surprised how well I did considering how hard I tried (not very), especially in comparison to last month, when the thrift stores were seemingly barren of treasures.  I stopped by the local Ventura shops just a few times, and here's what came home with me:

Yes, that is one of my antlers, and it is for sale here.
I was shocked (shocked!) to find this solid wood mid century bedside table at one of the thrift stores on Main Street in Ventura for a very good price.  When we moved to California we were all, "we're moving to the land of mid century furniture, it will be great!" but the reality turned out to be that everyone and their mother knows they can sell this stuff for a profit so it's near impossible to find cheap at the thrifts.  This guy has its fair share of dings, but it also has those lovely shapely legs and sturdy construction that makes me happy.  Normally I'd rather buy nightstands in pairs, but I made an exception for the low price.  I'm going to give it a little love, then figure out if it's small enough to ship USPS and thus list on Etsy, or if I'll be selling it on craigslist.

This Dorothy Thorpe style silver band bowl caught my eye at a different Ventura thrift store, and again the surprisingly reasonable price convinced me to take it home.  The silver is lighter and more matte than I've seen in the past, but it's a nice size, and we'll see how it cleans up.  Does anybody know if there's a name for this shape of bowl?  I see them all over the place, but I realized I have no idea if there's a word for that distinctive angular shape.

And finally, I was drawn to this flower pot at the Goodwill in Ventura (where we almost never find anything vintage, let alone vintage and attractive), and I was proud that my radar proved correct when I saw the mark on the base that indicated this piece was made in West Germany.  Can't decide if we'll keep it and plant something pretty in there, or list it on Etsy...  Also featured in this photo are some fun little clear lego-like photo cubes we may or may not have shown off before.  Chris picked them up at Savers long ago and filled them with his own choice of funny little illustrations from various vintage books;  I needed something plant-like to style this photo, but I take these pictures at Chris's school (where there's bright natural light and a good white wall to shoot against), and this was all I could find in his classroom on a moment's notice.  They are pretty adorable though.  In case you were wondering, I brought the peppers from the above photo with me (and then I ate them on Saturday night, proof on instagram here), but I forgot to plan ahead for the flower pot.  Oh, photo styling.

So what did you guys find this week?  Link, link, link it up!  That sounded like a fun song in my head.  Anyway... thoughts on my purchases?  Favorite one?  Keep or sell the flower pot?

These blogs also host great link-ups that we join, so make sure you check them out, too:  Me and my ShadowSir Thrift-A-Lot, and new ones at We Call it Junkin and Thrifter Maker Fixer Farm!

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  1. You got some great finds I really like the glass bowl.
    Have a nice week.

  2. I found something mid-century too! Love that end table!!!!

  3. The mod table is gorgeous. I've found a couple of those on the curbsides lately, but they're in rough shape.

  4. Thanks Julia, good idea to run the Nifty Thrifty Vintage Goodies for two weeks.

  5. I love the bowl with the silver rim, gorgeous!

    Thanks for you linking up x

  6. Thank you for the party Julia. I am liking the bedside table.

  7. great colours in that flower pot! i wonder which WG pottery made it?

  8. I made the link up! and I love love love the bed side table! My parents had a similar bed set growing up!

  9. Love the bowl with the silver!!


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