The Nifty Thrifty: Color!

Hey everyone!

I know, I know, it has been way too long.  Amazingly, it's not just because I've been too busy to blog and thrift, but rather because I have had absolutely NO luck at the thrift stores for the past month!  At least no luck in the pretty-vintage-things-worthy-of-a-Nifty-Thrifty-post department.  I did pick up a few flower pots and other practical things.  But!  This Thursday I went to a huge estate sale in Camarillo, and finally (finally!) had some success.  I don't think it was quite a hoarder situation, but rather some people who had a penchant for vintage (a lot of things had old tags from antique malls or something) with tons of boxes in storage;  all the boxes filled the yard of the house, and then the home itself was full of stuff.  I got there a little late (as usual for me) but still had tons of stuff to dig through, and I came home with an armload of fun finds:

I was more than happy to pick up these colorful fabric covered hangers for my own closet!  I've been wanting to upgrade my boring plastic hangers (I'm very jealous of Chris's nice set of vintage wood hangers), and these guys are going to do the job with aplomb.  I kept finding more of them as I went through the sale, like little pieces of treasure.

A few more small finds were this set of three embroidered cotton cloth napkins--of which I particularly love the light orange one with its geometric pattern--and this awesome metal orange daisy wall hook.  So fun and colorful, I couldn't resist!

It's never too early to start prepping for the Christmas season!  I found a sweet little Santa Russian nesting doll (those four guys all pop into one another), and a round Scandinavian (ish?) style metal tray.

I'm not actually sure if this framed piece is a paint by number, or just someone with a similar painting style, but it's definitely vintage, and I liked the look of it, so into my pile it went.

Probably my favorite find of the day, I am obsessed with this little mid century (I'm guessing by the design) Playskool wagon filled with old-school blocks.  These are (obvi) the best kind of blocks: wood and colorful with all sorts of shapes and sizes, including the awesome bridge pieces, and they come in a sweet little wagon!  A few blocks are missing, but they almost fill up the whole thing, and there are definitely plenty to make fantastic towers, as you can tell.  I can't decide if we'll sell these in our Etsy shop or if I need to keep them for my future children!

In addition to all this lovely stuff, I also came home with some awesome wrapping paper, which probably isn't vintage, but is very cool, and I can't wait to wrap some gifts in it!  Maybe I will get my chance in a couple days when I wrap up our Mother's Day presents and send them on their way :)

What do you think of my finds this week?  Have you found anything exciting in the last month (I can't believe it has been so long!)?  I'm sure you have... share your posts in the link up below!  

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  1. Hi Julia, glad to see you again, nice finds this post, fabric covered hangers were my fav. I painted dots on an old wooden toy truck and put boxwood to dry in a clay pot. last week.

  2. You found some pretty things! I have two buckets of those wooden blocks from my childhood, so that's early 1970s, or if they were hand-me-downs from my cousins, late 1960s, if that helps you out at all. I don't have the wagon though, but that's cool. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

    1. Thanks to linking to History & Home y'all - have a great week!

  3. Beautiful post. I love the hangers and the Santa nesting dolls. Elaine @ The Craft Zone

  4. Love those hangers! And the little paint-by-number-or-not, too!

  5. Thanks for hosting. I love the hangers and the paint-by-number.

  6. I found your painting on the Paint by Number Museum website so it is a PBN. It is called "Country Scene" made by Craft Master in 1950. Here is the link to it: http://www.paintbynumbermuseum.com/node/1366

    Love the hangers! And I adore the Scandi metal tray.

    1. Thanks so much for the PBN link!! I guess the painter just has a more interesting technique than most PBN's I have seen :)

  7. You have some great finds I really like the metal Christmas tray and picture that looks like a paint by numbers I have one like it.

  8. Wow. Amazing colour combination.

  9. Love those hangers and the PBN art!

  10. Oh such wonderfully colorful finds! I can't decide what's more awesome, the clothhangers or the napkins.

  11. hi Julia, gorgeous finds - especially love the playschool truck and the hangers, so many of them as well! the Xmas tray is a Finnish make - not sure about the maker, but only just the other day I saw one (same birds, different design) in one of the thrifty shops here, and it was sold by the time I decided about it, but I remember the price tag saying kotimainen, which in translation means made in Finland for the Finns. hope it helps some :)


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