Bedroom Progress

Finally!  I took some photos of the progress we have made with decorating our bedroom!  We realized recently that we have a pattern of ignoring our bedroom after we throw our furniture in there, so it ends up being a rather sad and boring room while we focus our attention on making the main rooms beautiful and fun.  When we did this work in the bedroom a little over a month ago, we had already been in our apartment for over six months!  There's still more to do, too, but at least it's looking much better... of course I managed to not take any before photos, but just imagine the same space without all the pretty stuff in it.  I have to say, it's surprising how much happier I am with a bedroom that actually feels like a happy space!

Oh hey, bed!  Ok, this is the one area we actually didn't change much.  When we moved in, we basically set up the same bed situation we had in our Groton apartment (you can see it was very similar to this back in September in this post) with our lovely Marimekko duvet, white pillows with cases I sewed out of an IKEA Ofelia blanket, navy Euro shams, and my felt ball garlands.  All we did change in this area was cleaning up our bedside tables, and I switched out my light for my favorite awesome old lamp that used to be my mom's (which I just updated with a new lampshade from--where else?--IKEA).  Ooh I also tacked up my fox face, which I bought on our cross-country road trip back in 2009 in South Dakota for $5... don't judge me.  While I was doing this shoot, I realized that I actually prefer the front jungle pillow that's in this picture (which is for sale on Etsy right now... maybe I should take that down) to the other ones that used to be there, as it ties in nicely with the warmer tones in other parts of the room, plus it adds a fun vintagey touch.  I can't decide if we should put a little piece of art or something over the bed or not... what do you think?

This is the view into the bedroom from the door, and here's where you can see all the new stuff!  Let's go left to right... Our bedroom used to have a door that attached the room to the rest of the house (where our landlord lives, although that door just goes to his back storage room), and the door is covered with a thin painted panel that matches the walls (which are a soft grey), but still stands out rather awkwardly and just looked kinda dumb until we figured out what to do with it: lean a mirror on it!  We went all out and bought the huge Hovet mirror from IKEA, because it fits perfectly in that spot with even amounts of door on each side, making that area look much more purposeful.  It makes the room feel much bigger and brighter, and now I finally have a mirror big enough to see my whole self and then some... yay!

In the middle of this photo is our dresser station, with my blue dresser (which was a rather ugly $20 yard sale purchase that I spray painted blue and replaced the hardware, all about four years ago) and Chris's mid century dresser.  Those had obviously been there, holding our clothes and such, but the tops of them were totally cluttered with stuff, and there was no art on the wall, so they looked pretty sad.  We threw up two vintage thrift store art finds: a crewel of the seasons on the left and a paint by numbers landscape on the right.  We'll get to the stuff on the dressers in a moment...

Before then, I have to mention the closet!  This was a big improvement to the space, because before there was just an open closet there, packed to the brim with all of Chris's stuff (the closet in the living room is mine, so this one is all Chris's).  The closet doesn't have doors and it's rather narrow, so adding doors would have meant taking out Chris's big trunk of photo stuff on the floor, which I would rather keep there, so we figured out another solution: curtains!  Namely a pair of grey velvet Sanela curtains from IKEA.  We hung them all the way up by the ceiling and then I used a handful of strategically placed binder clips behind the scenes to make them stay eternally perfectly draped.  Then I arranged Chris's shirts by color, and it looks a million times better.  There's still a bit of a messy area under the shirts, so we need to find some nice bins or baskets to clean that stuff up.  At first the curtains were feeling a little intense to me, but then I took some extra pom pom trim I had lying around (like you do) and attached it to the edge (with paperclips, I kid you not), and it totally did the trick to make the curtains work with the rest of the room, while still adding a nice sense of luxury.

The stuff on the tops of our dressers is still a little random, and could probably use some more paring down and better styling, but whatevs, it works for now.  I have a nice new modern jewelry box that Chris's family got me for my birthday, and some other personal favorites, including my Buddha night light (from SOWA Vintage Market in Boston), the wood burl box that Chris bought for my engagement ring when he proposed, and an origami map flower from our wedding.

Over on Chris's dresser, he has an odd assortment of industrial metal containers, weird vintage things, and other oddities.  My favorite part is the vintage brass polaroid frame (which I got for him a year or two ago) with a polaroid of Odo as a little puppy.

It was tough to get a decent shot of this area, but basically this is looking back from the mirror towards the closet and door, where we have a Target hamper (which is starting to get rather slumped, but a new hamper is just not very high on our shopping priority list right now), a mid century Lane cedar chest we found on craigslist back in Massachusetts, and the Peruvian wool wall hanging I picked up at the Salvation Army last November.  We were originally planning to sell that thing, but we would have had to take it off the wood frame to ship it, and so it got shoved into the back room to be dealt with later, until I found this lovely spot for it in our bedroom.  That pillow is now living on the bed, since I decided it looked better there mid photo-shoot.

From the closet/hamper corner, you can see my little vanity chair tucked in by my dresser for no good reason other than the fact that it has nowhere else to go.  Check out how perfectly the mirror fits in that spot.  Oh, and you have a great view of our terrible ceiling light fixture!  That's one thing that could definitely use replacing in here... it looks like it used to be a boob light like the ones we have in the kitchen and living room, but it's glass and the center column that once held up the glass are missing, so it's basically just two bulbs on a gold circle now.  So attractive.

The last big thing we want to do to complete the bedroom is to hang some art on the big empty space to the left of the mirror, but we keep waffling about what we want to put there.  Maybe a gallery wall?  A couple of Chris's photos?  Something big that we don't have yet?  Decisions, decisions...

What do you think of our bedroom so far?  Do you have any rooms in your home you tend to ignore when it comes to decorating?  Any ideas for dealing with that one remaining empty wall?


  1. Our is completely neglected as the rest of the house took precedence. Door perpetually closed.

    I LOVE your perfectly collected results! This room is fun yet relaxing! Great job!

  2. the mirror is the perfect solution! Love it.

  3. Functional and elegant!
    I do believe, though, that the lamp by your bed belonged to your Great Aunt Rose, so it probably was time for a new lampshade.
    The mirror is a great solution, but I was concerned that you said that the mirror was "leaned" against the wall. Since you now live in earthquake country, it's probably worth your time to attach it to the wall with little mirror hanger clips. Huge broken mirrors are the worst!

  4. The wool hanging is just stunning, looks like a lovely space to wake up in:)

  5. I love it. It all looks very well figured out but yet so elegantly casual. I really like the little pillow on your bed, at the front. It looks like a bedtime story printed on fabric. :)

  6. Hi Julia, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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