The Nifty Thrifty: Feeling Bohemian

Hey everyone!

I had one of those thrifting weeks where you go everywhere, but find all your purchases at only one store... and your finds have a theme.  This week I guess the boho gods were looking down on me, because that's what I found!

I was rather excited to find both the rug and the wood plant stand (small stool/ottoman?) at one of the many thrift stores on Main St. in Ventura.  They were both surprisingly well-priced, so I snatched them up not knowing whether I wanted them to keep or sell... and for now we're both a little smitten with them.  At the moment, the rug has found a home making the back room feel a little more polished, and we're still looking for the perfect spot for the plant stand, but we're still pretty sure we're going to keep it.

Ok, I may have dressed up this scene a little to be even more themed, as I bought all those planters before this week... but hey, at least they are all in fact thrifted!  We actually bought the brass footed stand from another Etsy shop (along with a bigger one, which we still need to find plants for) a couple months ago; the simple white pot showed up in our houseplants post a couple months ago and is actually planted with clippings from a planter of awesome succulents we bought at a Santa Barbara estate sale (seen in this post); the weird tiny guy was found at an Ojai garage sale soon after moving here last summer... I think it's probably supposed to be a single egg holder, but it just looks so cute with a little plant in there.

It's a bit hard to see the rug in that first photo, so here's a closer look.  It has some color-bleeding and isn't perfect, but I just love a nice flat woven rug with an exciting pattern!  I think my personal style may actually be a little bit bohemian... Chris and I have been decorating together for so long now, I tend to think in terms of our joint style, but we definitely have our differences, and I'm now noticing that I like a more boho look than him, which to me means lots of layers, plants, patterns, and textures, with a little more variety than just the mid century stuff.  Luckily, Chris likes a certain amount of that, but I just have to keep it from getting too crazy.

What do you think of our purchases this week?  Have you had any themed finds lately?  Any rug cleaning tips?  Make sure you link up your thrifty posts below!

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  1. You have been mega busy. Loved the peek of your antlers and clay forms yesterday.

  2. That plant stand is great it has such a different look.
    The rug is also a good find.
    Have a lovely week.

  3. Keep them - so very cool. That is the benefit of reselling, you get to keep all the cool stuff!

  4. Oh, great colors in that rug, and I just love weird tiny guy! Thanks for hosting - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  5. Wow that wooden plant stand is fabulous! Never seen one like that before. Thank you for linking up x

  6. That rug is just stunning! Thanks for hosting

  7. That plant stand is fantastic! Great find.

  8. Love that rug and stool. I would have grabbed both in a heartbeat!

  9. I love the rug and stool, and I would keep them together!

  10. i don't blame you guys for keeping both rug and stool, they are both just to die for! great finds again!

  11. Just popped back over to say thank you for sharing this at History & Home this week. Y'all are probably out junkin today, good luck! I might try to get in a little myself, we'll see. Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  12. I love adding touches of the unexpected into my decorating--things you don't expect to see or never would have thought of make the BEST splash spot

  13. Oh, that stool! Such amazing woodwork, if I were ever to find such a treasure I would never let it go, haha :)


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