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Long time no talk!  Don't you worry (I know you were super worried, right?), we're still here doing our thing... just blogging less so we can keep up with all the things, if that makes any sense.  Anyway, my current goal is to blog only when I actually have something to say, which seems pretty reasonable to me.  Less weird stressing about doing something, anything, so I have something to blog about, and more living our life and blogging when I have something to say!  Speaking of which, make sure you come back Sunday for a new Nifty Thrifty post :)

Anyway, getting off topic there.  Today I'm actually here to share something a little different: a peek into one of my favorite little stores in Ojai to shop for gifts (and to just ogle everything and wish I could buy it for myself).  We adore our new hometown, and we're excited to start an occasional series sharing our favorite parts, so if any of you are ever passing through our area of California you'll know where to go!  Today I'm starting with Fig Curated Living, partly because it's awesome, and partly because I may have a little personal investment... the owner, Victoria, contacted me a few weeks ago about my handmade offerings, and now my antlers and ornaments are in their first retail store!  Needless to say, I'm super excited about this progress, and I genuinely love the store, so it's a perfect combo.

Fig opened last August, though I didn't discover it until December, probably because it's a little hard to find, even given its central location.  Situated on E Ojai Ave next door to Ojai Pizza, the entrance to Fig is a sweet bright blue archway, which leads down the most amazing decorated alley.  It barely ever rains in Ojai, so the open ceiling actually works beautifully here, and there's plenty of use for all the fun outdoor decor things to be found.

After meandering through the rather magical alley (love that painted hopscotch), you end up inside the most beautiful little light-filled space, filled with all sorts of awesome home decor, jewelry, and other fun gift-y things.  So many gorgeous handmade items to be had, and many are local, but there are also lots of other American-made or fair trade things.  This type of shop is my absolute favorite, and Fig does an amazing job of it, so I'm super happy it's located so close to me so I can go all the time!

I was very happy to hear that my antlers are selling well, and I already had to bring in more!  If you look closely at these photos you'll see an antler here and there; there's one on the big table in the middle of the room, and one is tucked next to the rustic wood frame in this photo, and...

There's one in the middle of that awesome wood shelf, and a few small ones hanging on the wall!

Fig also carries some of my California ornaments, and at Victoria's request, I actually made a different version of my triangle mountain ornaments to have a bit of a tepee vibe.  I also modified my hanging strap design since I realized my original version is just too time-intensive to justify selling the ornaments at wholesale prices, and I like the simplicity of the solution I came up with.

Love that ladder shelf situation loaded with beautiful stuff!  There's a little something for everyone in there, and it's just such a fun space... definitely not to be missed if you're visiting Ojai!

Now that I'm getting caught up with the antlers (new ones listed in our Etsy shop today by the way!), I'm hoping to look for more local shops that might be interested in selling them.  Maybe I'll check out Santa Barbara next?  Of course I make more money selling them myself on Etsy, but I made sure my wholesale prices still give me enough profit to make sense, so it seems like a good way to sell even more than I could on my own!

What do you think of Fig?  Don't you just want to come to Ojai so you can check it out?  If you make things, have you ever sold them wholesale to a store before?  Thinking of getting into that market?  Feel free to comment with any questions you might have about the process!


  1. That store is a dream to look at in pictures, I can't imagine what it's like in person. Congratulations on getting your stuff into that fabulous store. You deserve it!

  2. That store is great it looks very uncluttered and open so things are seen well.


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