The Nifty Thrifty: Silver, Mercury, and Broken Glass

Hi Thrifters!

We're finally back with a new Nifty Thrifty!  Of course it was supposed to go up yesterday, but instead the kitchen got painted (SO GOOD!  More on that later this week), and we received a surprise invitation from friends to go to the last night of the Santa Barbara Film Festival.  Way more exciting than writing this post, I have to say.  But we skipped last week, so I figured better late than never this time around!

We were rather astonished when we found not one, but two sets of great vintage glasses at the Goodwill on Main Street in Ventura; we have literally not found a single good vintage item from that Goodwill in the whole six months we have lived here.  They aren't quite full sets, but the styles and prices were right, so we couldn't resist these five silver rim ombre glasses and three tall gold and aqua striped Frank Maietta glasses.

Actually, this purchase was originally way better... I was super stoked about this set, which included the three tall glasses, three small glasses (like these), and this beautiful cocktail shaker with a gold lid.  And then I was mortified when I was cleaning off the price stickers and preparing to take them to Chris's school (where we take these photos), and I dropped the shaker with the three small glasses inside.  It was only a few inches, but the glasses inside all shattered, and a big chunk of the bottom corner broke off the shaker, rendering it useless.  I was literally in a bad mood for the rest of the day.  It was my favorite purchase from the week, and such a good set!  So very sad.  I'm still rather upset at myself.  Womp womp :(

Moving on, I picked up this silver band sugar and creamer set at the Ventura Swap Meet the week before last.  Normally I wouldn't pick up sugar and creamer sets, because they're generally not great sellers or very lucrative, but I couldn't resist the awesome mid century design of these guys.  The silver band is in flawless condition, and the sugar dish has a West Virginia Glass sticker still stuck on the side.  I had no idea West Virginia Glass made silver band stuff, as we only know them for their Blendo line.  Learn something new every day!

Finally, an odd assortment of little things we picked up at an estate sale a couple weeks ago.  We have yet another extra large paper clip, which is even cooler than the ones we have found in the past, because it has a little glass plate that reads "Later" on it.  We have sold two similar paper clips in the past, and we even know a woman who collects them, so we imagine this will be an easy sale.  On the right are two vintage mercury thermometers with storage tubes.  We're pretty sure they are for scientific use rather than medical (the yellow one measures from -20° to 150°C, and the big clear one measures from -10° to 360°C). Chris has a soft spot for weird vintage science stuff like that, so he convinced me we should get them, and they were reasonably priced so that helped, too.  Not sure if and how well they will sell, but I'm sure Chris will enjoy owning them until then.

What do you think of our finds?  Have any devastating breakage stories of your own?  Did you pick up anything exciting in the past two weeks?

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  1. Your photos are always such visual treats. Sorry that the shaker/glasses fell. Ouch. Thanks for hosting Julia.

  2. Thanks for hosting. Always so darn irritating when something collected breaks.

  3. awwww ive had that happen when unloading my goodies it totally sucks when something breaks but thanks for hosting

  4. Sorry about the glass set. I recently walked in the door with a new Scandi vase and dropped it. Always a bummer. :( Thanks for hosting the link up.

  5. Oh no! that had to have made you kind of sick to your stomach! And yep I have broken *a lot* of glass. And my son has tripled that. It blows. Beautiful finds though. A paper clip collector, kind of cool really.

  6. Super bummer about those glasses! I had a similar incident happen one time with me. I was driving home from thrift shopping with all the goods in my trunk. I heard broken glass rattling around back there. I must have hit a bump in the road and something probably hit something else, and shattered. I was in crazy traffic and couldn't pull over to check it out. I was driving for an hour in crappy traffic just wondering what it was that broke. I was hoping it wasn't the really awesome stuff. I was hoping it was just the mediocre stuff. Still I drove, listening to broken glass rattle for an hour. Longest hour of my life. Thankfully it ended up being one of the mediocre items.

  7. Your photos make everything look so gorgeous. I love the look of those thermometers.... Xx

  8. Awwww I'm sorry about that! :( I've done that too!

  9. It is always so sad when breakage happens. Just last week I chipped a beautiful and large Tamara Aladin Riihimaki vase! I felt so bad! 50 years of no accidents! I glued back the large chip and it is on display with my collection of glass, You would have to look carefully to see the damage, but it is all that I can see. Oh well. Think of all the beautiful things we have rescued!

  10. Sooooo sorry about your glass breakage! I've definitely been there, done that. Last year, I tripped as I was coming up the basement stairs and sent a blue glass Hemingray insulator flying across the kitchen. It slammed into the tile floor and exploded like a bullet. I still find aqua glass shards in the kitchen from time to time. (I had already sold it, too, which made it extra tragic!)

  11. You can check at the PO, but I think mercury thermometers are on the no-no list for hazardous items that can not be mailed via USPS. Just to let you know if you sell them. Maybe ups ships them?

    1. That is a very good point! You are right that USPS won't ship mercury thermometers. I guess I'll look into other options... or maybe we'll be stuck with them ;)

  12. Loving those vintage glasses, you can't beat mid-century and turquoise! Thank you for sharing this at my History & Home link party this week, take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  13. So sorry about the broken glassware! I've done the same. And yes, hang on to your white Dansk Kobenstyle baker. I'm keeping mine. The white enamel is so pretty and I love vintage items that are functional and practical. Thank you so much for hosting and visiting L'Heure Bleue At Home.

  14. We've all broken an awesome find. It sucks so hard! The glasses are super pretty though, that pattern is awesome. And all the do-dads in the last picture are super cool. Great finds!


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