Goodbye Peach, Hello Gray

Dare I say our kitchen is done?!  Ok, probably not... things are never really done done around here.  I'm already thinking of switching out the brass and yellowed glass boob light in the kitchen for something simple and white like this.  BUT, it is dramatically improved and the main changes are complete.  Of course, if we actually owned this apartment instead of renting it, we would be planning to make much bigger changes to this space, but as renters on a tiny budget, we are very happy with where the kitchen is now:

We've been talking about painting the kitchen for months now, and a few weeks ago we finally talked to our landlord about our color ideas and got his ok to go with light gray.  When we painted the living room wall dark blue, our landlord wasn't quite sold, but we promised we would paint it back to something neutral when we move if he prefers, which wouldn't be too difficult since it is just one small wall.  However, we knew the kitchen was going to be much more annoying to paint, so we wanted to pick a color everyone would be happy with so we don't have to repaint.

We went with Valspar Ultra Paint + Primer in Tsunami Sky in a satin finish (since it's a kitchen, and we want to be able to scrub those walls), which is a nice subtle gray with just the slightest hint of blue.  Our living room is open to the kitchen and is rather bold with the wood paneled walls and dark blue accent wall, and the kitchen already has a lot going on with the dark red floor and wood cabinets, so we thought a more understated color would be better for this space.  SO happy with how it turned out.  Now the room feels fresh, bright, modern, and more cohesive with the rest of the apartment.

First, last Thursday to be exact, I painted the ceiling and that random beam at the top of the stove wall white, which immediately brightened the room and made the old peach color slightly less annoying.  It was nice painting the ceiling knowing I was going to paint the walls next, so I didn't have to worry about the edges at all; I just overlapped the white onto the top of the walls.  Then on Sunday, Chris and I pulled everything away from the wall, and I got down to business.  Unlike the blue wall in the living room, it only took two coats, and even just one coat in some places!  I think I'm getting better at this.  Also, I took my dad's advice and got a Shur-Line Edger at Lowe's for a couple bucks, and once I got the hang of it, it made getting crisp edges really easy and fast (to be clear, this post not sponsored at all, just sharing what worked great for me!).

You may have also noticed that we rearranged the furniture just a bit, too.  We decided to try out having the table in the middle of the room, and so far we are liking it.  It's such a large room, there's still plenty of space to get around the table on all sides, and somehow it feels like it makes more sense in the middle.  Though now I think we need a couple more chairs...

I don't think we've ever shared this angle before, looking at the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room.  I literally had to put the camera tripod on the counter and stand up there to get this shot (which is actually four vertical photos stitched together in Photoshop... super proud of how much my photo and editing skills have improved since we started this blog!).  I'm thinking I might want to paint or replace those ugly beige-yellow light switch and outlet plates, too.  It's weird how fixing one thing makes other little bad things stand out more.  Ooh, and you can see our awful bowed blinds in the living room in this photo... I hate those things, and I've been dying to change them since we moved in.  Those windows are so wide though, it can get a bit expensive... one thing at a time!

For reference, here's what the kitchen looked like before.  I included two before photos, since the one on the left shows more of the space and is more color accurate, and the one on the right shows that big empty wall above the stove before we got our hands on it.  Here's everything we've done in the kitchen, with links to posts about it all:
-install IKEA bars and hang a gallery wall over the stove
-cover the ugly tile backsplash with thrifted coppery colored faux-tin panels
-added an exciting houseplant in the interior window between the kitchen and living room
-and finally, painted the ceiling white and the walls light gray!

We had a nice comment from Emily on this post suggesting putting the metallic tiles on the backs of the open shelves, which I bet would make it look even better, but unfortunately we don't have enough panels left.  For now we're fine with it (the wood on the upper shelves just blends in, and you can't really see the white backing on the lower shelf from most angles), but maybe someday we'll decide to buy a couple more panels and do that.  Love when you guys come up with great ideas to share with us!

BOOM.  Kitchen.  Done(ish).  Beautiful.

So what do you think of our kitchen transformation?  Do you think we chose the right paint color?  Do you like the table better in the middle of the room or against the wall?  See any other little tweaks we could do to make it even better?


  1. Your kitchen looks great I think the gray color was a good pick and I like the table in the middle room.

  2. It was relatively bright before, but now it's even brighter. Great color choice! I'm working on making a color decision for my kitchen. I'm such a wuss about paint.


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