The Nifty Thrifty: A Thrifty New Year

Happy New Year, Thrifters!

We have been away for about a week, so we haven't done much thrifting, which was a rare reprieve for us hardcore sale-ers.  We spent New Year's on Catalina Island, and although we found one thrift store on the island, it was closed... very closed (as in closed for good and completely empty).  Since we've been back from our vacation on Catalina, we've been taking it easy, but I did manage to check out the thrift stores in Ventura this past Friday.  I passed up some decent stuff, and I even saw a Hudson Bay blanket in the back of one of the stores, but it wasn't on the floor, and it was labeled at $60, which is sadly above what we'd be willing to pay, but I did end up coming home with this:

One of these Dansk mixing bowls was one of our early sales as Etsy sellers, and finding another one this new year reminds us of how far we've come since we began in Massachusetts several years ago.  These mixing bowls are impressively durable, and stylish too, and even though they are made of melamine they retain value because of their style.  The thrift store we purchased this large yellow bowl from used some sort of grease pencil to mark the price right on the inside of the bowl, and Julia had a hell of a time trying to clean it off; finally after soap, baking soda, goo-gone, and acetone (nail polish remover), she was finally able to remove it with a magic eraser.  It drives us insane when stores make marks directly on the items... I mean, why?!

Well, that's all for this week, but I'm sure that we'll come up with some pretty exciting finds this year (here's hoping!), and we're sure you will, too!  Let us know what you think of our single find for this week in the comments, and link up your thrifty purchases below!

Also, in the meantime, remember to enter into our Minted giveaway!  Tomorrow is the last day to enter, so jump on that $50 before it's too late!

These blogs also host great link-ups that we join, so make sure you check them out, too: Me and my ShadowSir Thrift-A-Lot, a mid century one at Remnant, and new ones at We Call it Junkin and Thrifter Maker Fixer Farm!

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  1. Happy new year to you two. I love the yellow bowl and I have 4 Rosti ones that I use all the time. I have never found this one. I guess people use them until they are gone!

  2. I like the bowl, it's a great color and still looks new! I've started an Etsy shop too now, and was encouraged by you two, so thanks for that. Blessings to you in the new year - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  3. Lol yeah I HATE it when thrift stores aren't thinking about, um, their CUSTOMERS when they put the price in the most obnoxious places on items XD. I work at a thrift store and we just have cheap little price stickers we put on everything, which are pretty harmless, but I always try to put them in a nondescript place on the item anyway :)

    It's cool this Dansk bowl made you reflect on how far you've come since the beginning of selling vintage. I've only recently started selling vintage clothing on etsy and I love it; I'm addicted. It's fun learning about styles and materials. Eventually I'd like to sell *stuff* too but for now it's just clothes. I like reading your blog because you find such great stylish things. It makes me wish I had an apartment. It also makes me appreciate the art of vintage collecting, because some styles are timeless, and it's so beneficial to the environment to reuse old things rather than continually buying new new new.

    Wow, I've typed tooooooo much :) Anyway, I'm glad I found your linkup and your blog. Happy hunting!

  4. Oh, the dreaded marking of the price directly on the item...HATE THAT! One of our thrifts wrote directly on the label of the Hudson Bay blanket I found recently -- in Sharpie! I still bought it, but it annoys me every time I see it! Happy New Year to you guys!

  5. Happy New Year Julia and Chris. Thanks for hosting Nifty Thrifty (2013) and continuing into 2014. Have a great week.

  6. Glad ye got there in the marks off in the end. Looks like it was worth the effort. Lovely piece

  7. That Dansk mixing bowl is nice never seen one like it before.
    I will be looking for one to add to my collection.
    All the best in the New Year.

  8. That is a "punch you in the face" yellow. I like it!

  9. Oh I do love that bowl! and somehow I ALWAYS miss linking up! Darn it's on my must do list this week--cheers!


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