The Nifty Thrifty: Swap Meeting It

Hey everyone!

We've had so many slow weeks of thrifting lately, I decided to switch it up and try something new, so I ventured down to Ventura on Wednesday morning to check out the weekly Swap Meet at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.  We had heard mixed reviews from a number of people so we hadn't made an effort to go (plus the Wednesday timing makes it just about impossible for Chris to attend), so this was my first time checking it out, and I was pleasantly surprised!  It only costs $1 to get in, and there is free parking, and I found that there were a lot more vendors than I expected; it was basically a small flea market with plenty of fun stuff to look at and smaller crowds to contend with.  Perfect!

As I mentioned in our 2013 Sales Roundup post, rotary phones have always been a great seller for us, so I was pleased to see lots of interesting telephones at reasonable prices at the swap meet.  This one was made by Western Electric and is so floral 70's fab!  I propped it up against the wall for the photo, but it actually sits flat (with a slight incline built in, but my point is that it's not a wall phone), and I just can't get enough of it.  It's in good working order, and it's a super unique piece, so I think it will be perfect in our Etsy shop.

My second phone purchase at the swap meet was this sweet cream colored French style princess phone.  We actually sold an identical one back in 2012, so it was an easy decision to pick this one up.  I tested the phones as soon as I got home (they are usually in working order, but every now and then one is a dud), and luckily this one is working perfectly, too!

The first item I picked up at the swap meet was this mod mushroom tray made by Michel.  It was an excellent price, and I love the sunny yellow color, divided tray design, and sweet little mushroom tile.  We try not to pick up too much mushroom stuff, as it can feel a little dated in a not-so-good way, but I felt like this one is fun and fresh enough to sell well.  It helps that there's nothing else quite like it on Etsy or Ebay!  In general, we have found that unique items are so the way to go.

My final purchase at the swap meet was this pair of brass duck bookends.  We sold a similar set last year, and although I knew there are tons of these listed on Etsy, I couldn't resist them at the low price the seller was offering.  We love anything brass, and interesting bookends have been a decent seller for us in the past.

Also in this photo is an awesome little dish I picked up for myself at one of our favorite little thrift stores in Ventura earlier in the week.  The mark on the base indicates that it was made by Holt Howard in 1963, and I love the footed base and mod blue and green pattern.  It was only $1, so even though it doesn't meet our normal profit standards for selling on Etsy, I figured I could keep it to use as a little jewelry dish, or maybe to hold paperclips on our desk (someday when we actually use the desk as a desk...).

What do you think of my swap meet finds this week?  Have any of you locals checked out the Ventura swap meet?  What did you think?  Did you all thrift anything interesting this week?

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  1. Oh my goodness. Everything is just so good. That top phone...I can't get enough of it either. When will it be in your shop??? Taz x

  2. Dang I should have told you about Ventura. My friend who lives in Phoenix. Travels to go to that one. Doesn't bother with Rose Bowl. Love that phone, flower power rocks!

  3. Love that Flower Power phone. So. Much.

  4. The duck brass bird bookends look great the way you present them. Thanks for hosting Julia. Have a great week.

  5. That 70's floral phone is great.
    Thanks for the party.

  6. That 70s phone is just amazing. I've never seen one like it, I'm sure it will bring you a nice price. Thanks for linking up x

  7. The floral phone is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! If I actually had a land line, I'd have to buy it from you. :)

  8. oh wow that floral phone is just divine!

  9. Call me maybe :). Love the mushroom tray...totally something that would make a toddler eat their veggies . Cheers for hosting

  10. That floral phone is incredible but what truly amazes me is your ability to actually sell all of the cuteness you bring home! It must be so hard sometimes :-)


  11. Fun finds. I don't know which is my favorite. I like the duck books ends. I miss rotary phones! Really! Thanks for hosting.

  12. Only one word for that floral phone - Groovy! I love your finds. Have a great week!

  13. Loved your post partic the flowery phone! over from #magpiemonday.

  14. The phones are cool, especially that floral one! Just think how very in-style that was back in the day. My husband has some old brass duck lamps in the attic that would be great with your bookends, lol. He refuses to get rid of them! Thanks for sharing this at my History & Home party, so glad you did - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  15. Great finds! Those phones...there is one lady at my antique mall who sells the heck out of old phones. And those ducks are great. I agree, brass sells well for me too.

  16. I have that same goblet! Got it in The Netherlands years ago. Thanks for hosting! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  17. Love that flower phone! It reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen.


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