The Nifty Thrifty: Few and Far Between

Hi everyone!

We almost came up empty handed when it came to thrifting this week, and not for a lack of trying either.  After multiple trips to all our local Ojai and Ventura thrift stores, we even went and checked out some huge thrift stores in Oxnard we had driven by but never gone into, but still with very little success.  It's weird how some weeks you only need to stop in one or two stores to find lots of good stuff, and sometimes it's just not your week.  Luckily, at the end of the day on Saturday we did manage to scrape up a few good finds from two of our new favorite Ventura thrift stores.

In the background of this picture are some faux tin tiles in an oil rubbed bronze finish that we are very excited about.  You may recall from our kitchen ideas post a couple months ago that we were hoping to cover the ugly tile backsplash behind the sink, and when Chris spotted a box of these large "decorative thermoplastic panels" for $10 at the thrift store, he came up with the genius idea of using them in that space.  We just need to cut them down to size and get some strong adhesive tape, and we only need about 1.5 tiles to do the sink backsplash, so we'll have plenty left over to use in other places.  Hooray for randomly finding home improvement stuff that we need!

Also featured in this photo are a lovely little $1 milk glass and wood jar that we'll be keeping to use as kitchen storage and a nice little deer antler that I will be using for my latest handmade project (which I posted a little sneak peek of here, but I should be getting some listed on Etsy soon with an accompanying full post with all the deets here).

And finally, the only find of this week that will be getting listed in our Etsy shop is this set of glass apothecary jars with cork stoppers.  The middle one has a cool ombre green design on it with illustrations and names of a bunch of different herbs.  We have a whole collection of similar but wider jars we use in our kitchen to hold all our tea, so we can vouch for their lovely combination of function and attractiveness!

What do you think of our finds this week?  Did you purchase anything interesting?  Do you ever have a week where you just can't find anything good no matter how much you look?

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  1. Hi Julia, thanks for hosting Nifty Thrifty. Looking forward to seeing the 'copper tile' backsplash installed. Great idea.

  2. Those jars are great! I never find those in my thrifts!

  3. Great find with the tiles! I can't wait to see how your backsplash turns out. The thrifts have been disappointing for us lately as well. I'm hoping its just a slow time of year, because it's getting depressing! Anyway, thanks again for hosting!

  4. Your backsplash is gonna be gorgeous! Live those tiles and all your finds. Thanks for the party and the shoutout for mine, have a great week

  5. Oh my goodness those copper tiles are awesome! Very Arts and Crafts, I just love them. Can't wait to see how they look in situ.

  6. It can be so frustrating not being able to find things at the thrifts. That is totally what I am experiencing right now. Hopefully it will pick up soon.

    Those copper panels are amazing! What an awesome score and a great idea from Chris. Can't wait to see how they turn out.

    Have a great week!


  7. Function and attractiveness = A winner in my books! Cheers for hosting and good luck with your DIY projects

  8. those tiles will look stunning in a kitchen cant wait to see thanks for hosting

  9. oooh I love those tiles! I can only imagine how great they will look!

  10. love the tiles! you guys have a great eye for cool stuff :)

  11. darn missed it this week!! Oh well there's always next week--love the little jars btw, perfect for smaller stuff


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