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Last week we took down the Christmas tree and put the furniture back the way it was before, and since then I was feeling like our living room looked just a little sad.  Having a big tree inside brought so much life to the space!  Even though the tree was technically dead... but you know what I mean.  We've been in a gardening mood in general lately (lots of cleaning up our little yard going on outside, hopefully we'll have some progress to share on that front soon), so we've been on the prowl for nice plants and attractive planters to put them in.

I'm always amazed at how expensive new planters are, but even though I refuse to pay those kinds of prices, I still want my plants to look good!  Luckily, we've been finding some great ceramic pots of all shapes and sizes at the thrifts lately.  Above is a smattering of our latest purchases; we already had some succulents that needed new homes so those are already looking good in their new pots.  If you couldn't tell, I mostly pick up nice simple white planters to keep things looking clean and modern, but sometimes I go for the odd nicely glazed colorful pot, too, if it suits my fancy.

I loved the size of this big white pot, but I felt like it needed a little spicing up before I brought it inside.  The other day I saw this post on Young House Love and fell in love with that pattern, so I thought I would try doing a quick and slightly simpler version of it on my planter.  The pot has a glossy glaze, which worked perfectly with my chalk markers (which I bought on Amazon here for the wedding, and I have found many uses for them since!), so I can always clean off the pattern with some windex later if I feel like doing something different.  Check out the post on Young House Love if you want to see a slightly fancier version, but I just winged it and that worked fine for me!  First you draw the vertical lines (I couldn't use a ruler since the top and bottom is curvy, but that would have made it a bit more organized), then fill in all the diagonal lines.  It was a little tricky using the marker on the curved glossy surface, so my lines are a bit wobbly and uneven in places, but despite its flaws it looks great inside:

Awww sleepy Odo
For the plants, I gave up trying to find what I wanted used and just stopped at Lowe's to see what looked good.  I thought this Sansevieria plant looked interesting, and it seemed like a good deal at $15 for a 3 ft house plant.  The part that really sold me on this particular plant was it's label, which declared this a low light resilient plant that wants only minimal attention.  Perfect!  I think the pattern on the leaves looks awesome with my pot design, and the whole thing is exactly what that Christmas tree corner needed.  I also popped one of those little succulent pots on the Lane table, which adds a nice little touch of green over there.

On the other side of the living room, I wanted a lush and leafy vine, and that's exactly what I got with this $10 Epipremnum Aureum.  According to wikipedia, this plant is also known as "devil's ivy" while our other new plant is "devil's tongue" so that's cool...?  I love how the green leaves look next to the blue and wood tones, and the plant provides the perfect organic counter to all the structure going on over there.  You can't really see its pot in this picture because the plant is just so darn leafy, but it's one of those simple white ones we've been collecting.

Odo was feeling a little needy while I was trying to take these pictures, which resulted in some amusing photo bombing.

The one spot in the room that still feels like something is missing is the right side of that window.  I'm thinking of either going simple with a couple little potted plants on the windowsill, or doing it up with some little cacti or succulents in hanging planters down the side of the bookshelf.  I can't decide which way to go... what do you think?

On a slightly related note, we actually just found out that we won't be getting housing on campus at the boarding school where Chris teaches next year, which means we'll most likely be living in our current apartment at least through the following summer (a year and a half from now), if not longer.  I was hoping we would get housing so we could save more money, but it is nice that we don't have to move again, and now that we know for sure, I'm getting excited to do more of the improvements to our current apartment that we wouldn't have wanted to invest in if we weren't planning to be here long term.  I definitely want to jump on that kitchen painting I've been dreaming of, and we're working on putting up art and hopefully a big mirror in the bedroom to finally polish off that space, AND the back room is getting reorganized to hopefully finally become a functional space rather than a huge pile of boxes.  Also, gardening!  We've moved during both of the past two summers, but this time we're finally going to be somewhere with outdoor space where we can plant veggies and other stuff.  So excited!

What do you think of our new additions to the living space?  What about my little chalk marker DIY planter upgrade?  Do you have any resources for finding inexpensive ceramic planters?  Any tips for keeping our indoor plants alive and happy?  We're total newbies when it comes to gardening in general, so any tips or links to your gardening posts would be much appreciated!

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