DIY Metallic Kitchen Backsplash

You all saw and admired the plastic backsplash "tiles" we picked up at a thrift store in our last post, and today I installed them in the kitchen!  We're both super stoked with how it turned out, and it was so easy!  Yay for simple and inexpensive projects that make a huge difference!

Just wait till I paint the ceiling white and the walls light gray (woohoo no more peach!), it's going to be amazing.  For now though, the sink backsplash is killing it.  Not only does it hide that really boring and downright ugly tile, but it also adds some much needed character and architectural detail to the space.

Here's how it all went down:

My supplies:
- two faux tin decorative thermoplastic panels in an oil-rubbed bronze finish (you can buy them new here, but we picked ours up at a thrift store for $10, and we still have three more panels to use elsewhere in our apartment... plans are brewing)
-Scotch permanent mounting tape from our local True Value for $6 (the saleslady assured us that since we're doing this on tile, we should be able to remove the tape later if we want to, even though it's called "permanent"... hopefully that's true, or else hopefully our landlord loves it)
-a good pair of scissors

First I thoroughly cleaned and dried the tile wall, then measured out the space to be covered and trimmed my tiles down to size with the scissors.  There is some serious grout in the corners, so I had to trim the corners of each tile so they would fit perfectly.  I just kept checking and trimming until I had it right.  Luckily the grout is a dark color that blends in well with the copper colored tiles, so it didn't matter if the edges were perfectly flush with the wall.

Once all the prep was done, installation was a breeze:
1. Stick rows of tape strips on the wall.
2. Remove the tape backing to expose the adhesive, and stick the tile to the tape, making sure it is straight and snugly in place.
3. Stick more rows of tape to the other side of the wall, plus a few smaller squares next to the overlap area to make that connection stronger.
4. Remove the tape backing and stick the second tile in place, making sure it overlaps neatly with the first tile and lines up straight.

And that's it!  The whole process from very start to finish took an hour or two, and it would have gone even faster if I didn't take photos as I was working.

For reference, here's how the space looked before I added the backsplash (and the lovely plant), and here's how it looks now:

What, what?!  Such a big difference, and in such a good way.  It makes me happy every time I look at it.  I actually keep pausing, turning, and gazing upon my lovely work... which is making this post take far too long.  Time to get on with my Friday night!

What do you think of our new backsplash?  Have you every DIYed something like that in your home? Ever made use of thrifted home improvement items? It was so surprisingly easy, I want to do more!


  1. Huge difference, draws the eye, works so well with the cupboards and adds richness too. Works well with the red too.

  2. The tiles gave more life to the kitchen... btw you have a neat, clear and awesome kitchen, might be inspiring to cook in such place :)

  3. Lovely! We once rented a place that had ugly wall color, but our bitchy landlord wouldn't let us paint it. So I bought inexpensive fabric in a color that I would have painted the walls if I could have. Then I used spray starch and adhered the fabric to the walls. Looked like paint! Lasted for 3 years that we lived there and then it just peeled off when we decided to move. There was also a brown beat up fridge in that house. I applied white contact paper to the whole thing and it totally looked like a clean white fridge. Peeled that off when we left as well.

  4. Hi Julia, this looks great! You can also purchase beautiful and affordable tin tiles from our site: http://goo.gl/Wj7Aiv. An average backsplash costs less than $100, a great DIY weekend project.


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