Holiday Cray

Oh man, this holiday season is CRAY.  As in crazy, nuts, way too much going on to keep track of life.

It's probably mostly self-inflicted, but I have literally been working all day everyday, from the time I get up until 10 or 11 pm, with breaks only for meals.  At least some of my work at the moment consists of making things; that definitely makes it more enjoyable.  In addition to "normal" work and the usual vintage reselling on Etsy, I have so many little projects going on, I thought I would give a little peek into some of what I'm up to...

(Sidenote: if you are my brother or sister-in-law, stop reading now!  I don't think you guys read this, but if you do, your Christmas surprise will be a little ruined if you look at the last picture!)

I've been sending out orders of my geometric state ornaments (on Etsy here!) en masse this week, and it has felt great to finally get my creations out into the world.  Besides making tons of ornaments, I also had to figure out how I was going to package them.  While we reuse packing supplies for all our vintage sales, it seems that nice packaging for handmade items on Etsy is part of the deal to give them a more high-end look.  I ordered these lovely little kraft paper jewelry boxes from CM Wrap-N-Ship Supply, and then I whipped up a label in photoshop and printed it on white card stock, which we stuck to the top of each box.  Of course I fold a little piece of bubble wrap in there to keep the ornaments safe during transport, too, and I pack the whole thing up in a cushioned envelope.  I rounded up the shipping price to cover the very reasonable cost of the boxes, and I think they came out great: simple but nice.  Bonus points for getting out our info to anyone who might be receiving one of these bad boys as a gift!  What do you think of my ornament packaging? Do you expect nice packaging when you order a nice handmade item on Etsy?

Sneak peek of my next handmade project!  Chris has been harassing me to make more of my "felted" antlers since I wrapped one of our antlers with wool roving, and I am finally getting to it.  Not sure why I felt like now, when I'm totally swamped with Etsy orders and holiday stuff, was a good time to do it.  I bought an assortment of 13 small antler sheds on Ebay, and now I'm am working on wrapping and semi-felting them into cool sculptural pieces, with just a touch of copper.  They're my own take on the painted and yarn-wrapped antlers I've seen all over Etsy.  I'll get into all the deets on these lovelies once I have made more and am ready to get them listed on Etsy, but what do you think of what you see so far?  I love a good combo of natural organic material (antler), soft fuzzy stuff (felted wool), and shiny metallic (copper leaf).

I'll get into this project more after the holidays, but suffice it to say I'm putting my gouache painting techniques (from my latest art projects and holiday cards) to good use making Christmas presents!  My brother and his wife bought their first house soon after getting married earlier this year (yes, my brother and I got married four months apart), so I used google maps and the redfin listing picture to paint up a cute little house portrait for them, which I framed in a nice wood frame with a double white mat to make it feel super fancy.  How do you put your skills to use to make Christmas presents?

Well, that's some of what I've been up to!  Looking forward to adding some holiday prep projects (gift wrap here I come!) to the mix, too!  What have you all been up to lately?  Are you feeling as busy as I am?


  1. I'm so happy to hear that your ornaments are selling well! It's a really good feeling to sell something handmade that you've put so much time and energy into.

  2. Your ornaments are SO COOL! I wish I'd come across them sooner. Next year! (: I agree on the "cray" front, too....such a freakishly busy time of year. Somehow I never expect it and it still catches me off guard.

  3. Sooo jealous that you're crafting! I cannot wait to sit down and MAKE but I have been swamped with vintage orders, meeting people for orders, and general insanity as well. I was so busy I almost posted a frustrated rant in place of my normal haul post today. Your ornaments and packaging are gorgeous, great idea! I'd be worried about them breaking simply being in the box? I am so cautious now! Have you had any issues with that?

    1. I've been having so much fun crafting! I've decided that making a little time for crafting actually makes me feel more productive in the end.
      Also, I just showed the pretty part of the ornament packaging... not shown is a layer of bubble wrap around the ornament inside the box, and then the whole package is tucked inside a padded envelope. So far they seem to have made it to everyone in one piece!

  4. I love that little house portrait! Do you sell those at all?


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