Christmas is Afoot in the Living Space

December is here once more, which can only mean one thing... Christmas decorating!  Any of you who have been reading for awhile (well, at least a year) will know that I can get just a little excited--ok, sometimes downright giddy--about the Christmas season.  As much as I love Christmas, I'm not a fan of the holiday creep (as in, Christmas stuff coming out too soon), but once Thanksgiving is over--and definitely once it's December--it's all fair game.  In general I'm not much of a seasonal decorator, but I make a special exception for my favorite holiday, though I definitely try to keep it reasonable.  Of course the main attraction of any Christmas display is the tree, so let's get to it:

Mmm, mmm.  I love a good Christmas tree.  Our Christmas tree selection has gotten larger every year and this year it's downright big, especially compared with our first tiny potted tree, and last year's sweet little guy.  I think it fits perfectly in our living room, and I feel the size is totally justified since we're hosting my parents for Christmas at our house this year!  No more traveling to someone else's tree on Christmas day; this guy is getting all the glory this year.

I was a little worried about finding a good tree this year, since we basically live in the desert now.  I've always lived somewhere where I can go cut down my own tree, but even though we didn't get to do that, we were rather pleased with the selection they had at our local lot, which was run by the Lion's Club.  I had heard horror stories about crazy expensive trees in California, but our lovely and very full six foot Noble Fir was $55, which definitely isn't nothing, but didn't seem too outrageous to me.  I'm very curious about tree costs in different areas though... how much are trees going for where you live?

As always, all our ornaments are either thrifted, handmade by me, or gifts.  For the deets on any of my handmade ornaments, here are all those posts.  I just realized my snow clouds weren't stored in the Christmas box, which means there aren't any on our tree right now, which needs to righted immediately.  I'm also in a copper and clay state ornament making frenzy right now (SO many orders on Etsy after they were featured on Design Sponge (twice!)!!  I'm over the moon, but also crazy busy trying to keep up), so there aren't any of those up there yet either, but once I figure out which ones I have left, I'll fix that.

Once again, we went with the two-tone "white" lights look (you can buy both "warm" and "cool" white LED lights... which we realized by accident, but happened to like how the subtle yellow and blue tones look together), and nabbed my handmade felt ball garlands from their normal home in our bedroom to string on the tree for some extra felt yumminess.

We had to rearrange the living room a bit to fit the tree, so we moved the Victorian chair across the room and the Arthur Umanoff wood stool that used to be in that spot to the back bedroom for storage.  We actually planned to put the victorian chair in storage since we love how the Umanoff stool looks against the blue wall, but it turns out the victorian chair literally doesn't fit through the narrow doors back to the second bedroom, so it had to stay.  I actually like how cozy it makes the room feel, and I'm glad we have another comfy chair for people to sit in.

There are a bunch of other little Christmas decor bits and bobs in the living room, but the only one I forgot to photograph closer you can just make out in this picture.  On the left above the wall heater unit we re-hung our thrifted deer art, but this time I altered the chalk marker detailing (on the glass so it's easily erasable) to give the littlest deer a big red nose!  So cute.

Peering around the Christmas tree at our bookshelves and TV area, you can see a bit more of our little festive touches--all thrifted or handmade of course.  We still have no fireplace, so our handmade stockings are hanging on the bookshelf from thrifted brass stocking holders, which we picked up at Savers last year.  Then there are Christmas candles, more little brass figurines, a little Danish soldier stacking toy hidden on the top shelf, and our odd collection of painted Santas from the late 80's (was there a craze of giving people hand-painted Santas then? ... because I found three at Savers last year with little dated notes written on the bottoms).

I seem to have a bit of a red, blue, and brass theme going for our holiday decor, which just so happens to work very well with our existing decor, so that's a plus.

And finally, a better look at the victorian chair's new position in the corner by the credenza.  I didn't think I would like it there, but it actually seems to work really well with the current flow of the room.  And check out how the colors of the rug, chair, and wall work perfectly with the holiday stuff!  Also loving the reflection of the Christmas lights in the tv.  Eeee, Christmas is so much fun!

What do you think of our holiday decor this year?  Have you picked up your Christmas tree yet?  Are you a seasonal decorator?  Where do you find your Christmas decor--thrifted, handmade, new?


  1. i'm going to decorate tomorrow. i LOVE vintage christmas so I always go a little crazy. we have a fake tree because trees seem to be so expensive hear in Nashville. I haven't looked in a few years, but I remember a 6ft frasier fur being 129 dollars at the lot near our house. Crazy!

  2. Love your space. We got a real tree from a Christmas Tree farm in mid-Missouri and paid $44 for it - it is 8 - 8 1/2 feet tall. Did you wrap your antlers on the credenza with yarn? It looks so cool. Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks! I wrapped the antlers with wool roving, so they have a softer, felted look. I actually just bought a lot of small antlers on Ebay, which I'm planning to wrap in a similar way to sell on Etsy!

  3. Guess I'm lucky - we live in the middle of a lot of tree farms! Around here you can get a u-cut for $10 - 20. Our last tree was 14' tall and cost $15! I'm kind of hoping to try a Nordman fir this year but they're a bit rarer so will probably get a Noble or a Grand.


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