The Nifty Thrifty: New Store and a Sale

Hi everyone!

Unlike usual, there weren't really any interesting estate sales to check out this weekend, but luckily, I had a good day of finds from several thrift stores in Ventura on Wednesday.  First I stopped at a new (to us) store, and was pleasantly surprised by their good selection, so I'm looking forward to adding them to my usual route.  Then the Salvation Army thrift store that usually yields nothing was not only having a 25% off sale, but they also had a surprising amount of vintage Pyrex and other goodies!  In general, we've found the thrift stores in our area to be much less fruitful than they were on the East Coast, so my finds this week were a welcome departure from that norm.

I picked up this wood candle holder at the new thrift store.  I have seen a bunch of different varieties of these mid century bird candelabras--ours has three moveable arms (tail feathers?), one fixed arm in the back, and holes for candles on the bird's head and back.  No mark, but it's in good shape, and great for holiday tablescapes (and the rest of the year, too!).  Will be listed in our Etsy shop soon!

At the same store I found this large round "Solar Tea" glass jug, which was just too interesting to leave behind.  We have a glass with the same image and font which reads "Sun Tea" so I was definitely intrigued.  It seems you are supposed to brew your tea in this large container, and the domed shape allows the sun to somehow assist in yummy tea flavors...?  However it works, the shape is definitely cool and the design in fun!

I picked up this crocheted angel tree topper from another Ventura thrift store.  She is big and rather hilarious, and I think she'll make for an awesome retro Christmas tree!

Here are my finds from the Salvation Army thrift store sale!  I was very pleased to pick up a large Pyrex "Butterprint" cinderella bowl and large "Butterprint" refrigerator dish, along with two medium solid colored refrigerator dishes in aqua and blue (which we will be selling as a set with the larger dish), and a small Fire King Jadeite "Jane Ray" berry bowl.  Butterprint is one of our favorite vintage Pyrex patterns (doesn't hurt that it seems to sell on Etsy without fail), and we're always happy to find Jadeite, even when it's only one little bowl.  I've found that some of the thrift stores out here price their Pyrex ridiculously high (like comparable or even more than what I would price them on Etsy), so I was extra excited that these pieces were well priced and 25% off on top of that!

In addition to all that kitchen stuff, I also picked up this Polaroid Sun 660 camera on sale at the Salvation Army.  We have a whole load of Polaroid cameras that need to be listed, and they have sold well for us in the past, so we definitely need to get them listed for the holiday rush!  I love the round metallic gold part on this one.

What do you think of my finds this week?  Did you pick up anything interesting?  If you're a Pyrex lover, what are your favorite patterns (for yourself or for sale)?  What's your luck like at your local thrift stores?

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  1. My thrift stores go through a roller coaster of plenty and nothing over and over again. I guess it all comes to timing in the west coast: too many of us looking for the same thing! Knowledge is power though :) Great pyrex finds! I always pick up Jadeite, I think it is beautiful and it sells very well.

  2. Mix of new thrifted (needlework frame gorgeous picture), painted thrifted (chair) and a long time ago thrifted (dolly). Thanks for hosting Nifty Thrifty.

  3. I love the Butterprint you found, that's one of my favorite patterns. I can't get over your finding that in a thrift, lucky! Your photo styling is great, too. Thanks for hosting - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  4. Fun finds.
    My grandmother who lived in South Florida used to make sun tea in a jar similar to your solar tea container, so I'm lovin' that find especially.
    In the morning, she'd put water and tea bags in the jar and leave it on her back porch, where it would steep all day long. Then she'd/we'd serve it in the late afternoon or at supper over ice.
    I'm not sure whether it's true, but I've since read that sun tea isn't necessarily healthy--that steeping so gradually and for so long can invite icky bacteria. So it's a tradition I haven't adopted!
    Thanks for the opportunity to link up with y'all, by the way!

  5. I love that solar tea jar!!!!!!! Love Butterprint too! Never find it for cheap at the thrift. They must like it too!

  6. Butterprint is one of my favourite patterns. I used to find it on at least a bi-weekly, if not weekly, basis, but now Pyrex thrift store finds are few & far between. I find it maybe once every month and a half or two months now, but used to find whole sets before, just a lidless fridgie here & a 441 there.

  7. Congrats on a good week of finds! We definitely have good weeks and bad weeks with the thrifts up here too (we're about 2 hours north of you). Sometimes, just when I'm about to completely write off a certain store, it'll surprise me with an awesome find. I guess it's just a game of persistence sometimes! Thanks for hosting!

    -Melissa @ Scavenger Hunt

  8. How exciting that a new to you thrift store turned out to be good! Love all your finds!

  9. Great pyrex finds. Glad to hear you are finding some good thrifts!

  10. Some great finds the candleholder is different.
    Pyrex and Fire King are always a good find.
    Thanks for hosting.

  11. All beautiful scores, I rarely find anything like that candle holder around these parts, especially at a thrift store!

  12. Looks like a great week for you guys!

  13. Thanks for joining the We Call It Olde Link-Up! Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  14. Found a new thrift link up blog today: http://thriftermakerfixerfarm.com/ (ThrifterMakerFixerFarm).
    Thought you might want to take a peek.

  15. That bird is great--it almost looks like a menorah! Thanks for swinging by Thrifter/Maker/Fixer/Farm

  16. Oh yes, those thrift store prices. My husband travels to the midwest several times a year and he is blown away by the selection and the prices. Out here there are a lot of people who seem to value the same things we do, or they are shopping for Hollywood sets, and so the prices at a thrift store are often crazy high. It can be frustrating. But you got great finds there. I love that Pyrex pattern too.


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