The Nifty Thrifty: Lucky Friday

Hi thrifters!

I only spent one morning out thrifting this week, but luckily it was very fruitful!  On Friday morning I dropped Chris off at work, then headed out to Camarillo for two estate sales that sounded promising.  I found some good pieces at both sales, so I decided to stop at a few of my usual thrift stores on my way home, and the good luck continued with a few more vintage finds for our shop.  All in all, a successful week, especially when you add all the fun I had making some art, too!

I found this brass gooseneck lamp in the garage of the first estate sale.  It didn't have a bulb in it, but luckily I found a bulb in another lamp so I was able to test it before purchasing.  As you can see, it works!  This guy would be an awesome desk lamp. 

I couldn't resist these little roly poly people tin containers made by Bristol Ware (a division of Chein Industries) in the early 1980's.  Apparently these funny little guys--found at the first estate sale--were originally tobacco tins.  I love the really creepy faces, especially on the "World's Greatest Jogger" and the ambiguous "World's Greatest" guy holding a trophy, and the "Kiss the Cook" one is just adorable.

I wasn't expecting much from the second estate sale based on the ad on craigslist, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice assortment of vintage goodies in just my style, and for reasonable prices nonetheless!  On the left we have your classic Pyrex glass decanter with the cork ball, which is always a favorite of ours.  I was also happy to pick up this set of seven small floral plates, since we sold a full set of these dishes, designed by Andre Ponche for Decostone, on Etsy last year!

I just love the brown mushroom design on these little milk glass custard cups, from the same sale.  I don't know who made these, as they are unmarked, but they are reminiscent of one of our favorite Kaj Franck patterns.

Apparently the woman whose items were being sold at the second estate sale had loved owls, and she had a huge collection of owl everything.  I picked out a couple of my favorite little owl pieces for our shop, including this brass owl music box--it spins slowly in circles as music plays from inside.

The other owl piece I picked up was this little glazed ceramic spoon rest.  Or at least I'm pretty sure it's a spoon rest, based on the part on the right... maybe it's made to hold one little spoon and one big spoon?

The last item I nabbed from the second estate sale was this set of 11 silver band roly poly glasses.  There are 8 matching small glasses, and three differently sized larger glasses (on the right in this photo).  I'm always a fan of a classic silver rim glass, and I couldn't say no at the price they were charging!  And yes, in case you're starting to notice a theme, I had way too much fun styling with strawberries (and my little Odyssey Library books) this week.

The berries and books continue with one of my thrift store finds from this Friday: a set of four mod Japanese mugs from one of our local Ojai thrifts.  I don't usually buy mugs as they don't sell as well on Etsy, and Chris questioned my judgement a bit on these, but I just couldn't resist them.

And finally, I picked up this huge wool weaving from the Salvation Army thrift store in Ventura.  Last time I was there, everything I purchased happened to be 25% off, and this time they had changed the sale to be 25% off furniture... and for some reason this guy was labeled as furniture, so it was on sale! Based on other similar pieces out there, I would guess this weaving is made from alpaca wool in Peru.  It has even been secured to a large wood frame on the back, so it is easy to hang... though shipping this big thing might be difficult!

What's your favorite piece from our haul this week?  Did you thrift anything fun this week?

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  1. Not sure but I think those mushroom bowls were made by Glasbake maybe. I like that owl music box, very cool. Thanks for hosting & have a great week! Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  2. You found so much good stuff! But my favorites are the Japanese mugs (I buy way too many of them) and the mushroom custard cups.
    I like your strawberry placement, by the way.

  3. Yeah, the mushroom custard cups are most likely Glasbake as they have a matching loaf pan.

  4. Oh beautiful as always! I just sold out of ALL Roly Polys this week, you'll likely sell those soon. Maybe people are trying to MODify (see what I did there) their barware in time for Christmas parties.

    Love your foxie today by the way, don't think I said that before. :)

  5. You found some great things and it sounds like at fantastic prices too.
    Winter is trying to move in here so we are reduced to thrift shops but while everyone else is thinking Christmas, I am finding bargains.
    My favorite is the silver rimmed glasses.

  6. Great finds Julia, the woven wall hanging is wonderful. Your photography focuses so well on your item(s). Thanks for hosting.

  7. Love the lamp. I'd have to keep that. Thanks for hosting us!

  8. Love everythign, but that gold desk lamp is PERFECTION!

  9. You always find such amazing things. I love the lamp and the silver rim glasses particularly.

    Love the strawberry styling too!

  10. Lots of great things I really like those Japanese mugs.
    Thanks for hosting.

  11. I had that same brass goose neck desk lamp! I used it for photography lighting for a long time before dropping it off in my booth at the antique mall. It's since found a nee home. I loved that center push button on / off switch!

  12. those mushroom dishes are adorable, I also love the lamp, and the owl music box. Such great finds!

  13. Those tin dudes crack me up! Such creepy expressions. I like all your finds, but that Pyrex decanter has to be my favorite. I've never seen one like that before.

  14. Great finds this week. My favorite is the gold desk lamp - great shape and it's gold!

  15. That brass lamp is so pretty & perfect! It would be the perfect desk lamp and I am sure you will have no time selling it (if you don't decide to keep it for yourself. HA!).


  16. I love the roly polys. The brass lamp is gorgeous.

  17. That brass lamp really is lovely. It doesn't even have any cleaning marks!

  18. Thanks for joining my party :) Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  19. I actually have snowmen from that era like the Bristol Ware cans--very cute! Thanks for linking up with Thrifter/Maker/Fixer/Farm


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