The Nifty Thrifty: Christmas and Kobenstyle

Hey Thrifters,

This week we ended up at only one decent estate sale, but it definitely paid off.  We picked up a couple bags of vintage items, and all are very Etsy friendly if we decide to part with them, which we probably will for the most part.

Also, make sure you check out Julia's awesome new ornaments, both on Etsy and on the blog!

My personal favorite from the estate sale is this shop lamp that I found while Julia was waiting in line to pay--the line was in the garage so I kept poking around, and I discovered this.  When we went to photograph it, I remembered that we had an extra lime green pendant cord, and a long Edison bulb that fit it perfectly.  I really like this combo, so I think we'll use it to add extra light to our patio area until it sells.

We're in retail, and what does that mean at this time of the year?... Christmas stuff of course, and this sale had plenty of it!

These Bubble Lites by Noma are an awesome vintage item to add to your Christmas.  Who doesn't want their tree to have shiny tubes of bubbling colored liquid...?  We found three full working strands of these, though only one has a box.

Julia loves this handmade chunky yarn and wood bead macrame Christmas tree, but it's not quite my favorite.  I'm hoping it sells, since it will be decorating our place until then!  This awesome linen tea towel has great vintagey illustrations of the twelve days of Christmas.  It needs a little cleaning and ironing before it gets listed, though.

These vintage Christmas boxes (mostly by the O. E. Clark Paper Box Co. from the 1970's) may get listed on Etsy, but more likely they'll make the perfect boxes for our own Christmas presents this year.  No wrapping required!  The Santa in this picture is actually a new old stock advent calendar, made by Georg Moldow in Denmark, still in its original packaging!  He is definitely getting listed, though we are tempted to keep this silly (and slightly creepy when his eyes roll up all the way and his limbs get folded in unnatural ways) guy.

After we had been wandering around the sale for a while I came across this platter by Brendan Erin Stone of Arklow, Ireland in the (surprisingly difficult to find online) Irish Plaid design.  I just had to pick it up; the style is right up my alley, and now we have to decide whether we will keep it or sell it.

This small Dansk pan is the reason we went to the estate sale, since we spotted it in the photos on craigslist, but we thought it was pretty amazing that we got it since we were number 28 and 29 on the list going into the sale.  We're looking forward to getting this beautiful piece of Kobenstyle cookware listed in our Etsy shop.

We also ended up bringing home a giant safety pin, an adorable little toiletries bag, and some expired Kodak Instant Color Film.  We have found large paper clips in the past (and we know a collector who buys them from us), and this safety pin grabbed our attention in a similar way, so hopefully it will sell, too.  The toiletry bag, I believe Julia will be keeping.  And as for the film, I believe we'll be listing that on Etsy as well for anybody who still likes to use their Kodak Instant camera.

What do you think of our finds this week?  Did you pick up anything interesting? Hope you had an equally good week of finding things on the cheap, and remember to link up and let us know what you found too!

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  1. Awesome holiday finds! I am always on the lookout for holiday decorations at estate sales, but I think I am always too late :(

  2. Some great finds those bubble lights and the Dansk pan are great.

  3. Julia, this is a battle worth picking. That tree is awesome and I think it should stay :)

  4. I love the little Santa advent calendar and the bubble lights. Those always remind me of my Grandparents as they still pull theirs out to the original boxes and put them up every year.
    That's a great little toiletry bag too. Such a fun pattern!

  5. Love your photography. Happy Thanksgiving week, and thank you for hosting.

  6. My gosh that yellow pan is delightful!

  7. That Dansk pan is a beauty! Love the expired film, too.

  8. Great finds this week. Love the light/cord combo and don't think you will have it for long. I've been hoping to come across that shape kobenstyle in the wild. One day. :)

  9. Nice finds! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  10. Growing up, my grandparents had those bubble lights on their tree. Now, they are supposedly fire hazards. It really bums me out because they would be perfect on my vintage decorated trees. Oh well, the boxes are still fun to decorate with, right?

    Love that tray from Ireland. I would be super torn as whether to sell it or not!


  11. Where did you source that cord?! I'd love to find one. Thanks for hosting us.

    1. I think we actually picked up the cord at a thrift store awhile back. Never know what you're going to find there! Here's an apartment therapy article about colored cords with lots of source ideas in the comments: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/source-for-inexpensive-colored-cord-kit-good-questions-182703

  12. Hi Julia & Christopher, I didn't join y'all's party this week because I didn't have a "finds" post to share, but I'll have one next week, and it actually will include a yarn and bead tree similar to yours, two in fact! Love that pan, too. Thanks so much for sharing this at the We Call It Olde Link Up! I really appreciate y'all joining each week, Happy Thanksgiving -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  13. I liked the vintage items those you have shown above and I would like to let you know that I have purchases similar kind of stuff . I really liked the lamp.

  14. Gah that macrame tree makes me want to take up macrame!! Badly!! I did a macrame owl at girl guides once - a mission!! But that tree I am going to go on a mission to make!!

  15. I've loved bubblelights, forever!


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