The Nifty Thrifty: Preparing for the Holidays

 Hi thrifters!

This week we were mostly focused on all the wedding posts and the big blog re-design, so there wasn't much time left over for thrifting.  I also had my first few days of my new part-time job working at an art gallery in town (yay! so excited!), and Chris had his first weekend of dorm duty, which meant we were both working more than usual.  Still, we found time on Saturday morning to go to a few sales in Ventura, and we picked up some small items that will be perfect for getting our shop ready for the holidays!

To start, we found these boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments at a yard sale and quickly snapped them up since we had good success selling Shiny Brites last holiday season.  They're not perfect, and have a few other random vintage ornaments mixed in, but the colors are fab!

We have a soft spot for vintage games, and this funny little pair of cube games from the 70's and 80's cracked me up!  I think they would be amusing little stocking stuffers.

I actually bought this Avon hands soap dish last week at one of the thrift stores in Ventura, but it got forgotten in the shuffle until now.  I normally don't pick up Avon items, but something about this little soap dish struck my fancy, and we've been thinking about adding more under $25 gift to our shop.  It was surprisingly hard to photograph these hands, but I like the solution I came up with--we've been trying to use more "fall" colored props for Etsy photos these days.

What do you think of our little purchases?  What did you thrift this week?  If you're a reseller, how are you preparing your shop for the holidays?

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  1. oh my, those shiny brites are amazing! I have never found any in their original boxes before. such a pretty pink :-)

  2. I can't resist Shiny Brites.........especially in their original boxes! LOVE!

  3. You can never go wrong with a good box of Shiny Brites. :)

  4. Yay for Christmas stuff! Especially vintage Christmas stuff! I can never resist it! By the way, I love your redesign :)

  5. Enjoyed your wedding posts, you looked so very happy. Thanks for hosting today. Congratulations on your new art gallery job too.

  6. Congratulation on your new job. Thank you for hosting.

  7. Those hands look like a religious relic almost!

    Good job on the photography. x

  8. I have those hands, but from the 40s and made by Westmoreland. The Avon is a copy of that. I've also seen the Westmoreland in jadeite.

    1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/300980390012?lpid=82

  9. Eeeek! Love the Shiny Brites! Sometimes I buy them just for the boxes :-)


  10. Right NOW is definitely the time to get stocked up and ready for the Christmas sales. I scored some x-mas ornaments too and need to get them online. Ah, so much to list and prep for!

  11. I can't resist the Shiny Brites either. Those things sold so fast in my booth last year; especially the plain pink ones. One customer bought 15 individual pink ornaments at one time. Always a good seller.


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