The Nifty Thrifty: One Year and Counting

Hey Thrifters!

We just had to re-subscribe for another year of inlinkz, meaning we've been doing these link-ups for a whole year now!

Hope you all had good luck this week--we ended up only stopping at two estate sales this week, and we only bought things at one of the two.  The only things we were interested in at the first sale were a number of nice plants, but they were a bit expensive so we decided to pass them up and head over to the next sale.  The second estate sale, however, had lots to explore, and many things we were interested in buying for our shop.  Unfortunately, the sale didn't open for another thirty minutes, and the sellers were firm on their start time.  We did manage to get our names on the list to be in the first wave of people to be let in.

The little black plastic rotary phone toy sat right next to the entrance, and although we were in the first group to be let in there were still over twenty people before us.  Thankfully, nobody picked it up--we've had really good luck selling toy rotary phones in the past, so we were understandably excited to pick this up at the super low marked price.  And as you can see, the toy phone was not the only thing we picked up...  Usually we use our collection of tin globes as styling items in our photos, but the little globe in the back of the photo was also one of our purchases from the estate sale, dug out from a box under a table--it's always worth digging through the boxes!  We also picked up the funny little brass squirrel bottle opener and the small mercury jug.

Clearly it was our lucky day because at the same estate sale we picked up the large green enamel light shade, the brass ram, the "Jiffy-Way" egg scale, and the Evenflo pitcher (which was apparently originally for mixing baby formula).  It was a week of small purchases, but hopefully some good stuff that will do well in our Etsy shop this holiday season!

What do you think of our finds this week?  Did you thrift anything fun?  What kind of stuff do you look for as you prepare for the holiday rush?

These blogs also host great link-ups that we join, so make sure you check them out, too: Apron Thrift GirlMe and my ShadowSir Thrift-A-Lot, a mid century one at Remnant, and a new one at We Call it Junkin!

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  1. Congrats on a successful year of The Nifty Thrifty!

  2. Great finds. I never met a brass animal I could leave behind, and I've had good luck selling those green enamel light fixtures.

  3. I'm glad things are calming down for you a bit. Thanks for a fantastic year of The Nifty Thrifty!

  4. You have had a very event filled year. Congratulations on your successful year with Nifty Thrifty.

  5. Congratulations on your year AND the awesome deals you found :)

  6. That's a TOY phone?! Wow, it's gorgeous.

    Love the enamel shade too x

  7. Happy Birthday Nifty Thrifty! Love the new look. Thanks for hosting us :)

  8. thanks for hosting link ups :-) love the egg scale!

  9. Cheers to one year, thank you for hosting!

  10. The little toy phone is just too cute!!!

  11. Hello, I have just used your link up thank you. I'm not on twitter or facebook so I couldn't do that part but thank you for hosting me, I love your finds

  12. congrats on your one year anniversary!! Thanks for hosting. Love your little brass finds. No doubt they will do well.

  13. That light shade is awesome! I saw one of those at an antique shop in Florida this past week and it was marked crazy high at $125. Great score! And congrats on the one year anniversary of your link up! It's one of my favorites for sure.

  14. I love your finds, especially that adorable squirrel and the phone. I don't think I could part with the squirrel! I will join y'all's link party next time, I only write a "finds" post about 1 or 2 x/month, so I won't have something every week... Thank you so much for sharing this at my We Call It Olde Link-Up. Another party starts on Tuesday, hope to see you there again. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  15. What great finds! Thank you so much for hosting this link-up!!


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