The Nifty Thrifty: Lane Acclaim and Something Strange

Hey Thrifters!

This week was a quiet one here at alivingspace.  We went to a few yard and estate sales, but pretty much everything was a bust.  Only when we happened to stop in at one of the thrift stores in Ojai this Saturday did we find anything really worth posting about.

This weathered Lane Acclaim side table is a piece of what seems to us to be one of the most commonly collected mid century furniture collections.  The Dovetail veneer and its classic mcm legs make this quite the iconic piece of home decor.  While there are more desirable pieces from this collection, this particular side table is nice and sturdy, and with some minor refinishing it will easily fetch a decent price on craigslist.

Julia had way too much fun photoshopping this one

Ok, it's not that strange, but I do find this thing a bit bizarre... Julia found this vintage collar by Fran and Lou at a thrift store in Ventura early in the week.  It has little metallic silver dots in the middle of each waffle of fabric, and the tag indicates that it is made to be worn both in and out, so we took pictures of both styles.  These vintage collars are very "hipster" and trendy at the moment, and I have no doubt we will find a buyer soon after listing it, even though it's not really our style.

That's all we found this week, what about you?  What do you think of our purchases?

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  1. Lovely table, I bet it will sell fast! Great photos of Julia modeling the collar.

  2. I like both of your finds. Sometimes when you go out you find too much, and sometimes it's a bust. I only do a "finds" post every 2-3 weeks so the one I linked up is a couple weeks old but it's my most recent. Thanks for inviting me to join and joining mine! Y'all have a great week. -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  3. That table is great.........and the collar cracks me up! Fun photo!!!

  4. The collars have always kinda felt weird to me too. Can you imagine wearing those everyday? But with that said. Out looks really good! Does that mean I'm a hipster?

  5. I guess the collars allowed a garment to be worn more frequently and 'created' new looks. Very retro.

  6. That collar is cool, but I love the table!!!

  7. Those collars are different.
    The table is nice.

  8. The table is absolutely gorgeous!

    The collar's not my thing either but i'm sure it will sell well.

    thanks for linking up x

  9. Even though the collar isn't her style, it looks good on her! I bet it sells quick on Etsy.

  10. Thanks for hosting. Love the table. The collars make me think of my elementary school librarian!

  11. What odd little collars but I agree they will sell quickly - especially with that great photography!

  12. I don't buy a lot of furniture but the Lane Acclaim series is too popular to pass up! That collar is super cute and will be snatched up quick! Thanks for the link up.

  13. I actually really love the collar! Thanks for hosting!!

  14. Although you didn't find a lot, both of the pieces that you did find are awesome! I'm far from being a hipster but I think I may even wear that collar :-)


  15. awesome side table, cute collar! and as always, beautifully styled shots! greetings from Finland!


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