The Nifty Thrifty: Emily Henderson's Garage Sale

Hi everyone!

I had a busy week of painting (and painting... and more painting.  So much so that I ran out of time to post about it!  Never fear, there will be lots of wall painting and furniture rearranging and awesome new living room photos this week), but I still found time for a few stops at the local thrift stores, and I made a trip down to Los Angeles to go to Emily Henderson's garage sale on Saturday!

If you've been following us for any length of time really, you'll know that I love Emily Henderson's style and pretty much everything about her, so I you can guess that I was SUPER excited to go meet her and buy some of her stuff.  She partnered with her friend Scott Horne, who is a prop stylist, so there was a ton of great vintage and newer decor items.  What with having to get up early in the morning, drop Chris off at school (it was parents weekend so he couldn't come with me), drive over an hour into LA, and find parking, I ended up being about 15 minutes late.  It was very sad walking down the driveway and seeing all the awesome stuff in people's arms as they waited in line to pay, but I still enjoyed rummaging through everything that remained and picking out some bits and pieces to take home with me.  Not only did I get to meet Emily, but I also had my first celebrity experience since moving here: while standing in line--and drinking a mimosa nonetheless--Amy Adams and her daughter came over and cuddled with Odo (who had a great time at the sale getting attention from everyone).  We only talked briefly about the dog, and I didn't even realize who she was until she was walking away, but there you go.  Celebrity culture is weird, but its oddly interesting to see people in real life after seeing them in movies.

Anyway, lets get to what I actually bought!  These are the only things we picked up to resell from Emily's sale. This 1979 framed and signed vintage artist's proof of an etching of a plant has a cool modern simplicity that I like, and these four little books from The Odyssey Library series--published in the mid 1960's--have neat illustrations and great covers.  I don't know about you, but I totally judge books by their covers.

For our own space, I bought this notNeutral round blue tray to hold and unify the decor items on our coffee table, and the frosted glass vessel on the left for making more candles.  We've actually been picking up interesting glasses here and there for another candle making session, and this one fit the bill perfectly, especially since it already had some half melted candles stuck inside (Emily actually let me have it for free because of that!).

I picked up the Stetson Marcrest Swiss Chalet (also known as Swiss Alpine) large bowls at one of the Ventura thrift stores earlier in the week--I had actually seen these there previously, but they were being sold along with two saucers for $8, and I really didn't want more saucers so that price was too much for just the bowls, but then when I saw them again the saucers were gone and the two bowls were priced at $3 for the pair.  Sold!  As we've mentioned many times before, we use this pattern, along with Nordic Mint, as our everyday dishes, so these will be added to our collection.  On a related note, we have realized that we have more than we need of certain types of dishes (we have 18 dinner plates... so very unnecessary), so we're planning to weed out a set of extras to sell in our Etsy shop.

images from here and here, respectively
Yes, I'm a total creeper.  That aside, Emily had tons of great clothes for sale at the garage sale, and I picked up a few really nice pieces.  Once I got home, I google image searched "Emily Henderson" on a whim, and lo and behold, there she was right at the top of the search wearing the sweater and blouse I had just purchased.  I feel famous when I wear them.

Finally, a few thrift store purchases from earlier in the week: a white retro style push button telephone by PF Products, and a hilarious large Santa candle.  I just can't resist quirky vintage Christmas decor, especially at this time of year.  It's unlabeled, so I have no idea who made it, but just look at that face!

What do you think of our my (seriously, I bought everything this time around) purchases this week?  Do you love Emily Henderson as much as I do?  Did you pick up anything interesting?

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  1. Well, you have been living in this area for less than 3 months and you have already encountered celebrities! Fun!

  2. Love the Swiss Chalet. That's cool you got the same sweater she's wearing in the photo! Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  3. Oh man, please please please do a post talking only about the sale. (I might be slightly obsessed also) was it crazy busy...what time do you get there...were prices fair....did you meet her? Eek! so fun!!

    1. Haha, love this! I unfortunately didn't take any pictures--was way too overwhelmed with just being there and wrangling the dog--so I don't think a post is in order, but I'll certainly tell you all about it! I got there around 10:15 am, and there was already a huge line going all the way up the driveway. At first I thought that was the line to get in and I was bummed, but then I realized it was the line to pay, and I was bummed in a whole other way after seeing all the stuff in people's arms! Looks like I missed a bunch of nice rugs, art, and other stuff. There were still lots of people looking at all the stuff, so I dragged Odo with me into their ranks and started digging, hoping to find things behind other stuff that people had missed. I picked through everything rather slowly, dug through the giant pile of clothes, and tossed anything I thought was interesting into the bag I had brought with me (which both Emily and Scott were very impressed by when I checked out... I was like of course I brought my own bag! It's a must for estate sales, and makes everything so much easier). Once I was convinced I had found all the good things that were left, I whittled down the items in my bag to what I really wanted to buy, and got in the still very long line, where I waited for probably a good half hour. At some point while I was in line the orange juice and champagne came out for the mimosas Emily had promised in her blog post, and she and her friends delivered mimosas to those of us who were stuck waiting in line, so that made the wait much better :) Emily and Scott were manning the check-out table, but even though there were two of them, everyone wanted to chit-chat a little (obvi), and all the clothes and most of the smaller items were unpriced, so they had to each price their own items on the spot. Speaking of prices, it was on the high end for a garage sale, maybe more along the lines of a mid-range estate sale; not crazy though--some of the clothes were more expensive, but I got mine for $5 each, and I also got a brand new pair of Toms sneakers for $5. There were some small pieces of furniture that were reasonably priced, art was maybe $10-$30, I would say most decor stuff was around $5 ish. When I got to the front of the line I was super awkward, but they were both really nice and funny. Emily is petite and looks adorable pregnant, laughs a lot, just seemed very witty and sweet. We chatted briefly about the things I was buying, how cute Odo is, that they liked my bag, then I paid, told Emily I was a huge fan and was really happy I had been able to come, and that was it!
      Longest comment ever, but seriously. It was awesome. Emily is my favorite.

  4. The santa and the phone! All lovely scores as always :)

  5. SHUT UP was all I could think when I read that you went to her sale! And then again when I read that you got to meet her, and again when I read that you just happened to meet Amy Adams. Holy crap, what a glorious day!
    I'm totally jealous of that sweater, it's super cute. Great finds!

  6. Why did I get it in my head you lived in San Francisco? Anyway hate to say it I have no idea who she is but her blog looks great! Great scores as usual. LOVE that sweater! That collar!

  7. Great finds! it sounds like a mad day out (in a good way)

  8. Gah!! So jeals!! If I was anywhere near that sale I would have been there too! So glad to hear you found a few treasures and got to meet Emily. I'm a huge fan and probably would have been a giddy fool had I gone.

  9. Great finds! Wow on meeting a celebrity!

  10. Mimosa's at an estate sale??!! That's my kind of sale. So happy that you had such a great time. Definitely makes your move worth it, huh?



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