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Now that we live in an apartment with a landlord amenable to the idea of us painting and doing some small upgrades, we're starting to get excited imagining the possibilities!  So far we built a little fence (ok, that project was more of a necessary solution, but I do like how it looks, especially behind the table), and now I'm now I'm looking at what I can do to really "finalize" the living room on our super low budget.  Since day one I've been imagining painting the one light peach wall in this space, because really... light peach?  I'm not a fan of the kitchen being that color, too (and the second bedroom! Who was this light peach obsessed person?), but that's a job for another day, because I think painting the one peach wall in the living room would be a relatively easy task with a huge impact.  Perfect place to start.  So I attempted to use pixlr to visualize some different paint options.

The wall looks almost white in this picture.  I promise it's not.  Much, much worse.

Here's where we are now.  I had this sneaky feeling since the beginning that going dark on this wall would work really well with the wood panelling (which we're not allowed to paint), and as I got playing with pixlr my suspicions were confirmed.  Lighter colors just looked a little silly and washed out (kinda like the current color...), but darker colors made the space look so much cozier and more cohesive.  Here's a sampling of some of the contenders:

It turns out grey and various shades of blue were really the only options that looked good with both the wood and our stuff.  I was leaning towards the blue in the upper left, but when Chris got home from work and I showed him my ideas he liked where I was going but wanted to see it darker.  I obliged (the darker grey in the upper right was actually his influence, too), and we did some tests together, and both came out loving this deep blue:

The ugly heater unit is really unfortunate.  Maybe I can paint the sides?

Please excuse the terrible wobbly pixel-y edges... I realized too late what I needed to do to get those smooth, but it was too much of a hassle to go back.  This is just to get the idea, anyway.  It's pretty bold, but it is only one wall (in a room full of wood panelling nonetheless), so I think bold is a good thing in this case.  The weird thing is, when I was making my earlier blue option I had in the back of my mind a memory of Emily Henderson's beautiful blue office, and once we had all but decided on the dark blue, I went and looked on her blog for the office pictures, and lo and behold, it's almost the exact same color (and hers is actually slightly better, so we'll go with that):

Emily wrote a post about painting her office this gorgeous blue here, but lots of the pictures aren't loading (for me, at least), so check out her portfolio page here (both photos are from there) to see more.  It's dark, warm, and lovely in the light.  And I'm sold.  Sherwin Williams Loyal Blue it is.  Now we just have to double check with our landlord that the color is ok (and convince him by any means necessary), and then I'm excited to get on this project!

What do you think of our color ideas?  Which one is your favorite?  Have you ever used photoshop to experiment with wall colors?  Have you ever gone dark like this before?  This will be our first time painting a wall in our apartment, any tips for us?


  1. Loving the darker of the 2 blues, It really makes things pop.

  2. Before reading the text of your post my favorite was the darker blue. It looks gorgeous, warm, moody and inviting.

    We've got a lot of the original (unpainted) woodwork in our home...finding colors for the walls that complimented the wood was a challenge. Originally I wanted grey walls, but found the grey samples against the trim made the room feel cold..where as I think grey against white trim has the opposite effect.

  3. Using Photoshop to test colors is a great idea! It's always so hard to make paint decisions.
    I really like the blue. I think it's going to modernize your space and really make it yours. And I love Emily Henderson's style...Ok, I love her too!
    Can't wait to see how your wall turns out!


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