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Hi everyone!

We had another busy week with little time for thrifting, except on Friday when I stopped at a slew of thrift stores in Ventura.  In general those stores seem to be rather picked through, but I found a couple pretty things I just couldn't resist--they're a little different from our usual, but part of the fun is finding new things!  On Saturday, Chris and I skipped estate sales in favor of "beach day" along with his whole school community; the weather was perfect and the water was relatively warm, so I say it was a worthy replacement for whatever finds we might have purchased  otherwise :)

In other news, I have finally begun the big restocking of our Etsy shop, and today we took a bunch of photos of previously purchased items that never got their turn in front of the camera, so there is a lot more coming on that front!

This sweet quilt with the "grandmother's flower garden" design is part hand and part machine stitched; it's in great condition and about the right size for a twin bed, so even though it's not as old or valuable as it could be, I think it will be a lovely addition to a good home.  I've been learning a lot about vintage quilts lately, and I can't wait to find my first awesome handmade one!

My other find was this adorable apron.  I love the colors, the little yellow bows, and the touch of white eyelet. The black and white fabric makes the whole bottom part a giant pocket, so it's practical, too!

What do you think of my purchases this week?  Did you thrift anything interesting?  Have you ever found a great vintage or antique quilt in the wild?  What else is on your list of things you'd love to thrift someday?

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  1. Lovely finds. I NEVER find quilts in SoCal. I guess it has to do with the weather ? I think the apron is the cutest little apron, and the styling of your photo is great! Thanks for hosting.

  2. I've seen a vintage quilt on my thrift hunts. Love the apron. Great fabric combination.

  3. Sorry, I meant to say- I've never seen a vintage quilt on my thrift hunts.

  4. That apron is super cute! All the little details make is pretty special. Someone must have loved wearing it.
    I've never found a good vintage quilt. My Great Grandma (Big Mamma) was a quilter so I'm hoping that maybe one day I will get one of hers. I look for them occasionally but never really know if they are worth the crazy price often put on them.

  5. More thrifted before than thrifted this week in my post. Great look to go with the apron. Have a good week. Thanks for hosting.

  6. What gorgeous finds!

    That apron is stunning. Thank for linking up x

  7. That apron is so sweet & you make the perfect model for it!

    Have a great week~



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