The Nifty Thrifty: Magazine Stand

Hi everyone!

Julia here again.  I swear Chris is still around... just really really busy and a touch stressed out with the beginning of the school year.  Anyway, as has been the theme lately, we kindof failed at thrifting again this week.  Another week, another weak excuse ;)

But actually, the main reason is pretty good this time: we had a garage sale on Saturday!  We've been talking with our landlord about having a yard sale together for a few weeks now, but each Saturday didn't work for one reason or another, until this week, when we realized on Friday that we were all good to go for the next day.  Even though we just had a huge yard sale before we moved, once we unpacked everything in California, we ended up setting aside several big boxes of stuff we just don't need.  Since we buy so much, it feels really good to keep the cycle moving by getting rid of extra things whenever we can.  Lucky for us, the weather was beautiful, and there were randomly two other sales on our street, so traffic to our little sale was fantastic; we sold most of our stuff and made a hundred bucks!

I actually tried to go to our local Ojai thrift stores a couple times during the week, but they all seem to have weird hours and were closed every time I tried during the week!  We also checked out the other sales on our street on Saturday and didn't find anything worthwhile.  Then, just when we thought we weren't going to have anything to post about, we stopped at our favorite local thrift store, New 2 You, on Saturday afternoon and found this neat little piece:

It's like a magazine stand/tiny side table... we're not quite sure what to call it!  It's definitely mid century and pretty cool either way.  At first we thought it was for records, but it's just barely too small to hold records, so there went that theory.  The gold metal has seen better days, and it's a bit rusty around the edges, but it still looks awesome and is a great small size for sitting next to a chair and holding a few books and a drink on the top shelf.  It has already found a nice little spot next to one of our victorian chairs in the living room, but we'll be listing it on Etsy soon, so it may not be there long!

Any other ideas what this thing might be used for?  What do you think of it?  Did you thrift anything fun this week?  Also, in case you missed it, the other day we posted a little update of how our kitchen is coming along here!

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  1. I found such a lovely mid century teapot made by a BC artist. That was a thrill. Thank you for hosting and sharing your thrifted find too.

  2. I love your table. It would look great painted too. I found a vintage HMV portable record player in a small town thrift store on the east coast of NZ this weekend. The last place I expected to find such a gem. Thanks for hosting.

  3. I wonder if it holds a telephone, and can hold phone books underneath? i picked up a similar-ish phone stand recently too...mine is black.

  4. A telephone stand of course! You young kids have no idea! Just kidding of course. The original design of this particular piece was by Richard Galef, but there were copies made including some by Maurice Duchin. See http://www.pinterest.com/pin/131800726565381867/
    Thank you for hosting.

    1. Haha, ok, ok... I didn't know that was a thing! Thanks for the link, super helpful as usual!

  5. what a great stand! pity it doesn't hold records, but still so amazing! thanks for hosting a link up :-)

  6. That stand is awesome. I bet your readers are right, it's a telephone stand! I wouldn't have thought that.
    I hope things settle down for Chris soon. Starting a new job is rough.

  7. Great little table -- I agree that it's probably a telephone stand. So cute. I definitely understand the beginning of the school year stress - I'm sure you'll be back to your usual thrifting patterns soon!

  8. I bet the bottom area was perfect for big telephone books back in the day! Thanks for hosting and I bet you will get your thrift groove back in no time. :)

  9. The stand is stunning! By the by, sending you an e-mail with questions about your home at last! :D Thanks for letting me feature it.

  10. Ooh I want it! Must link up my finds!

  11. Wow what a gorgeous find. It would work well as a bedside table too I think (or maybe that's just me and my huge bedside reading collection).

    I'd love to come to a garage sale at your place - I bet you had some really cool stuff!

    Thanks for linking up to Magpie Monday.

  12. It could also work well as an entryway table, as a place to stash keys/phones/purses. Cheers for hosting. Glad your garage sale went well.

  13. Nice to have someone identify the stand you found, a handy small piece of light furniture.

  14. How nice someone has managed to identify your wee table! xx

  15. You didn't find much but at least what you did find is really awesome. What a perfect little stand!


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