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Hey Thrifters!

The Nifty Thrifty is back!  Unfortunately we were not the ones who hunted these treasures down, but instead Julia's mom--who has been reading our blog since the beginning and has become quite the expert on our style--thrifted them from estate sales and other thrifty locations up in Oregon, and she gave them to us at our wedding.

Due to our recent move away from our terrible living situation, we've been incredibly busy with my new job and our new apartment in a quiet neighborhood in East Ojai.  On top of this we have had to change all of our addresses over a second time, Julia has been working on changing her last name, and countless other little things that have completely prevented us from looking for fresh vintage finds.  But luckily we had this box of vintage goodies for just such an occasion, so thanks to my new mother-in-law for this post!

This pack of French flash cards was an instant win with Julia.  We've seen these sold individually at Brimfield at a pretty high price given they come in large packs.  Apparently Julia's mom learned French from similar flashcards when she was a little girl, and we are thinking of picking out our favorites to keep and then packaging them into smaller themed selections to sell in our Etsy shop.

This rotary phone was a great find--rotary phones tend to sell for a surprising amount on Etsy.  We sold a bunch in the past, but we haven't found any to sell in awhile, so it will be exciting to have one in the shop again!

We love old math games, and these calculus playing cards are no exception.  They definitely don't look like something you can just have a pick-up game of, but who knows.  These would probably be awesome for a vintage-loving calculous teacher somewhere.

These fun little children's books were also in our little box of goodies.  They have some pretty amazing illustrations in them.  It'll be hard to figure out whether to keep them or to try to find them a home through Etsy.

We also received these fun pieces of ephemera; each piece has it's own story and flair, but the most interesting might be the selection of poems dealing with civil rights issues in the South in 1956.

And of course, my favorites were this Polaroid OneStep BC camera and the SX-70 below.

While the French cards and the rotary phone were pretty cool and very nice gifts, this Polaroid SX-70 is easily the big win.  Talk about a nice gift from one's mother-in-law.  SX-70 cameras sell for around $100 untested, but this one also came with the leather carrying case, close-up lenses, a remote shutter release, a few filters, and the tripod mount.  We'll probably sell the camera, but I may keep the accessories for my personal collection.  Each of these extra parts were sold separately, and still cost a good amount because there were not that many produced.

I don't know about you guys, but I was impressed.  What didn't end up in these pictures were all of the turquoise ball jars she had collected for our wedding.  It was a huge help, and made our lives just a little bit easier for the big day.  So what do you think of Julia's mom's finds for us?  Have you inspired your friends or family to look for vintage treasures, too?  What have you thrifted lately?

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  1. Your mom/inlaw is the best and such a great treasure finder too. Thanks for hosting Nifty Thrifty when you are so very busy. Much appreciated.

  2. Way to go Julia's mom! Those flash cards are super cool and I had no idea there was such a thing as a calculus card game.
    I hope you guys can get settled and back to normal soon!!!

  3. ::Sigh:: My knees went a little weak (even sitting down!) seeing the SX 70 and accessories! You know how to make a Mr. smile!

  4. These are amazing flash cards, really cool stuff.

  5. Glad your living situation is getting sorted out! Julia's mom's finds are awesome! I am dying over those flashcards....seriously.

  6. Is that Polaroid film behind that One Step???

  7. Glad to hear you are in your new digs and settling in. Great finds, nicely done Julia's mom! Love that phone and those French cards. Super sweet. Thanks so much for hosting the link up (especially with all that you have going on!)

  8. i like those kids books the best! beautiful illustrations!


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