The Nifty Thrifty: Brights and Whites

Hi everyone!

This week we had one of our best weeks of thrifting since we moved to California, due in large part to a fun trip to the Ventura Flea Market this morning.  Also, there was just some good stuff waiting for me at the thrifts, so it felt like the vintage gods were on my side or something :)

On the other hand, I guess the photo gods were not feeling so friendly... Chris's camera battery died impressively fast while taking pictures today, so we had to switch to one of his school cameras, which don't have nearly as good of lenses.  Not sure if it was related, but then we were having bizarre issues editing our pictures, with the photos showing up in blogger way darker than they actually are... not sure what the deal is, but I am not a fan.  We figured out a sort-of work around, but we're picky, and they're still not quite right.  Oh well, good enough!

My favorite find of the week (maybe... this is one of those weeks where everything is my favorite!) is this child's hat box we picked up at the flea market.  I love the geometric and super colorful honeycomb pattern, and this little case is so just sweet.  It was fun to carry this guy around the flea market on my arm, and I feel like it would make an awesome vintage purse for the right person.  Will be up on Etsy in a day or two!

I couldn't resist this unique orange coffee carafe I found at the flea market, and then I realized that Bea over at MidModMom picked one up a month ago!  It was made in Falkenberg, Sweden probably in the 1960's and designed by G. Rosendahl.  Besides the beautiful shape, it seems like a really quality piece with the teak handle and stopper, and the glass interior.  Look for it on Etsy soon!

The last piece we picked up at the flea market was for us!  We've been looking for a little cart we can keep outside to store our small assortment of gardening supplies and maybe some plants in an attractive way.  The white enamel surface is perfect, and looks great with our white enamel table, which is also outside on the patio, though this is the one find from this week that totally defies our super colorful trend!  Anyway, it has replaced our lovely wood bar cart, which we had been wanting to move inside anyway (it may have found a new home as Chris's nightstand).  This $30 cart also has the extra perk of having an attached outlet, though I'm not sure how safe the wiring is since it's rather old at this point!

I got very excited when I spotted this Hudson Bay style wool blanket at a thrift store in Ventura on Saturday (after a not so successful morning of estate and yard sales), but then I quickly discovered that it has a lof of darkened yellowish areas and some rough edges.  Still, it was a good price, and it has enough ok areas that we decided to buy it anyway to make some throw pillows.  Has anyone sewn with vintage wool blankets before?  I'm worried my seams will end up really bulky...

On another stop at the same thrift store earlier in the week, I picked up this red-orange Descoware skillet.  It was made in Belgium, and was clearly very well taken care of in its last life, so hopefully we can find it another good home!  We're trying to get a head start on loading up our Etsy shop for the holiday season, so I'm definitely happy with all our finds this week!

Also, get excited for this coming week, because we finally have wedding pictures to share!!  We'll be breaking it up a few different posts with lots of lovely photos along with some planning info we didn't cover during the run-up to the wedding that we thought might be helpful and/or interesting, since this will be the end of our wedding posts on the blog.

Well, as always, we'd love to know what you think of our finds!  Which one is your favorite?  Did you thrift anything exciting this week?  Looking forward to seeing what you all link up!

These blogs also host great link-ups that we join, so make sure you check them out, too: Apron Thrift GirlMe and my ShadowSir Thrift-A-Lotand a mid century one at Remnant!

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  1. Fabulous finds this week! I love every single one of them. My favorite though has to be the cute fox that you are using as a prop in your images, what a cutie! I have always admired how you style your pictures. Thank you for the link love :) much appreciated.

  2. Very handy cart, love the wheels. I have seen pillows made from the HB blankets - maybe blanket stitch the edges of the pillows, seams outside. Must be some examples on Pinterest or...
    Thanks for hosting.

  3. I sew quite often with vintage wool blankets and don't have a problem with the seams. I've made lots of cushions and softie toys. I enjoy working with it. I adore the child's hat box. It would go nicely with my little hat box collection.

  4. Oh. My. That. Cart. I'm so in love! I wish we had items like that around here.

  5. I love the mod combination of colors on the hat box. Fun find.

  6. I love that hat box, I'd have snapped that up too!

  7. Love the hat box, that is so neat!

  8. I love the blanket most of all, id have bought it too! I found vintage childrens books and some clothes this week...

    Aqeela xx

  9. The hat box is so neat, and would totally make a cool purse. Or maybe someones art supply box for school. Great finds!

  10. Your photos are always amazing!

    Beautiful finds as always x

  11. Love all of your finds this week! That hat box is super cute though!

  12. The child hat box is wonderful such a fun find.

  13. Gosh - Love that blanket - I am a real sucker for a good blanket! x

  14. They are really nice. love the colours.


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