The Nifty Thrifty: A Bit Industrial

Hey Thrifters!

I'm back, and although I'm still very busy, I finally feel that my head is above water enough to write the Nifty Thrifty myself.  I was away for most of the week because of a school camping trip, but Julia and I did manage to make it to a few yard and estate sales this Saturday.  In fact, this was our first real day of thrifting in quite some time.  We had a small list of sales to visit, and we visited all of them... still, we only bought two small items, but Julia managed to pick up a globe at a thrift store while I was away.

As a photographer, the most exciting find of the week for me was this Nikonos-V underwater camera, which began production in 1984.  Not only did we pick up the camera, but there was an additional lens and extra O-rings and grease.  There is only one of these cameras on Etsy at the moment, and it only has one lens and no extra parts, but the most exciting part about it is the price; looking at Ebay and Etsy, the lowest price for one of these cameras is $130, and we picked up this beautiful set for much, much less than that.

Julia had fun styling these photos with our odd assortment of vintage things

My other purchase for the week is a bit less exciting, but a bit more mysterious.  This little chromed GE light bulb was the only other estate sale purchase for the week.  We have no idea what this bulb would be used for, but I really liked the look of the little thing.  It came from an estate sale in Ventura, CA, at which there were at least ten different works of art by famous modern artists, including an authentic Picasso drawing and an Andy Warhol print, which we considered buying for ourselves.  The print was a red Marilyn Monroe, and it was print fifteen out of an edition of almost one thousand, but it was unsigned... and it was red.  I know we've said it before, but we're just not that into red.  So we passed on the print, but I did pick up this funky little bulb for styling for a very reasonable price.

Last, but not least, Julia's large 1970's globe (the biggest one in the picture; the two little guys are part of our personal collection) that she picked up at one of the thrift stores on Main Street in Ventura, CA.  Rarely do we find anything at those stores, but it's always worth looking if we're already in the area.  This particular globe isn't in the finest of conditions, but we love the cool color tones and industrial look.  We'll definitely be listing this on Etsy shortly.

That's it for what we've found this week, but of course we'll have something new to show next Sunday!  Until then, we'll be working on selling some bigger things we're looking to unload on craigslist, as well as weeding out some of the little things cluttering up our apartment.  So, who knows, you might be able to purchase some of our personal treasures in a week or two, but of course we'll keep you posted.

What did you thrift this week?  What do you think of our rather eclectic finds?

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  1. Hi Christopher and Julia, you've had some busy times. Glad you had a bit of thrifting time this week. Love your little tin globe, lots of character.

  2. Nice score on the camera! And as always, the globe is beautiful. I love those muted colors. Glad things are chilling out for you a bit!

  3. Score may be low in number but are great in the wow factor. Have a great week.

  4. That's a great globe! I love the base. It looks like it came straight from a 1960s classroom or something.

  5. I think all resellers feel your pain on "too much stuff". I'm very lucky to be allowed to haul my "smalls" into my boyfriend's house's sun room and out of my way. I love the camera and globe, great scores!

  6. I do love your globes, but my other half would kill or that underwater camera for his wild swimming antics!

  7. Globes are quite inspiring aren't they. Dreams of travels and memories of travels. all good x


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