Apartment Art and other Updates

Things are coming along nicely in our little home, and we have some new photos to share!

The subtitle to this post should be something like this:  "We Desperately Need a Wide-Angle Lens."  For those non-photo people out there, a wide-angle lens can basically get more into a photo (kindof like the name suggests, it can capture a wider angle of the world), which is rather helpful when you can't get further away from your subject, like when there's a wall in your way... In our huge Groton apartment (check out all our apartments on the Tour the Space page), we had a lot more space, which worked well for photos, and now that we're living smaller, it's hard to capture much in one photo with our 28 mm fixed lens.  To combat that, and to show whole rooms in one photo, I've been making compilation images, but stitching multiple images together always leaves some awkward spots... especially when you're trying to do it without Photoshop!  Did I mention that yet?  I've been using the editor on pixlr.com, which is designed to work like Photoshop, and does a remarkably good job for a free program, but it doesn't have everything.  After the wedding and the multiple moves we're a bit low on cash at the moment, so we're saving up to buy ourselves a wide-angle lens as soon as we can afford it.  Until then, this is what you get!

And then I start off the post with one of the two non-compilation images...  This is a little snippet of our bedroom (duh).  I didn't try to put together a larger photo because, well, the bedroom is not ready for its close-up yet.  Or rather, it's only ready for one close-up.  The bed is where we spend most of our time in that room anyway, so at least the area directly around that is done-ish.  In our Groton apartment we used one strand my DIY felt ball garland over the bed to mimic a headboard, but this time we got crazy and used all our garlands!  I made one peach and one blue garland for the wedding, so we threw those in there with the two white ones I made for Christmas last year, and I'm super happy with how it looks, especially against the soft grey walls.  Non-headboard headboard for the win!  Honestly, we just have a really hard time finding beds we like, let alone ones we can afford, but I like this solution for now.

You can read all about everything bed linens and such related in this post, the only different stuff is: hilarious black and white kitty pillow our awesome friends gave us awhile ago (thanks Steph and Conrad!) to add some fun quirk to the bed, and Chris swapped out his nightstand for this little one he used to use way back in our first apartments, which actually belonged to his dad before him.  It's simple and small, with a cool rustic look we like; it's nice to mix up our favorite mid century modern style with some different pieces, both older and newer, to keep the total look more eclectic and less museum.

Ok, now we're getting into the compilation pictures!  Last time we showed the living room of our new place, we had just moved in and it was very much in progress, with some boxes of yard sale stuff on the left and no art on the walls.  We say this over and over again, but seriously, no space feels like home until we get some art on the walls!  So other than tidying up the extra stuff that was in this room and getting rid of those boxes, that's the main change in here.  We love our giant windows, but the one negative is that we have a lot less space for art in here, especially since we took up two potential art spots with our pair of bookshelves.  Love the bookshelves, so no regrets there.  Still, even just adding the few pieces of art we did, it makes a world of difference.  BTW, you can check out the art we hung in the kitchen in this post!

No, the wall does not bulge weirdly... that's just the compilation-ness of the picture.

Ooh, new angle of this room you haven't seen yet!  It's a LOT of wood paneling from this point of view, but we're trying to make it work, and the art definitely helps.  The large painting on the right is actually covering up a really ugly and non-functional in-wall A/C unit; that was basically the only painting I had that could do the job, so it had to go there.  Luckily, I'm a fan.  That's a painting I made freshman year of college for a "copy a great work of art" project, so in case you recognized it, yes, it's a copy of C├ęzanne's The Bather.  The door to the bedroom is immediately to the right, and we usually have it open, so a big white door is usually covering about half the painting.

Above the tv is this fantastical map print, which was a gift from our dear friend Erik for our wedding, and it makes me very happy whenever I see it up there.  Bonus that it distracts me from the big black hole that is the tv.  Oh, also check out our cute little phone stand (yes, I got the hint from the comments on that post :) now I know what a phone stand is, though we still use it as a magazine stand!) next to the green Victorian chair.  I still want to sell it, but Chris isn't convinced.  Also, in case you were concerned, that brownish lump on the green chair is Bella the cat, curled up in her favorite spot.

And don't look up.  Please.  There's a boob light up there and it's scary.  There's one in the kitchen, too.  Depending on how long we're here, I'm going to have to change that somehow.

I think I squished that frame a little when I put this compilation together... don't edit photos when tired.

Here's a picture of the boob light in the kitchen.  No just kidding, ignore that part.

This is the view from the tv, back at the funny little pass-through window to the kitchen. Strange and awesome all at once.  Chris likes using it to display an odd assortment of lab glass and other items (see last week's "Too Much Stuff" post... amiright?).  This odd little light peach wall brings up all sorts of issues, mainly the fact that our heater is on this wall, breaking it up even more than it already was by the window.  So far, I decided that filling in the two big openings with vintage art in wood frames brought this wall together with the wood-paneled walls in hopefully a good way.  We've got our favorite ocean waves paint by number, and this guy:

Way easier than most of these ideas from apartment therapy.

Yeah, I had way too much fun with him (this drawing is a boy, obvi).  It started as just a plain deer drawing that we picked up a few years ago at a thrift store in Bend, OR for $3 (see it in this post), and then came up with the questionably genius idea of using the chalk markers I bought for wedding projects (get them on Amazon here) to spruce this guy up.  Since there's glass in the frame, I can draw on it all day and then easily clean it off with a little windex.  First I played around with coloring the antlers a few times, then I started drawing within the hatching (it's a line drawing) and made the antlers white.  That's where the deer stand now, but it could change at any moment.  Anyway, thought that was a fun trick you could do with any framed thrift store art to add some color!

And finally, a tiny gallery below the window and next to our first beautiful Victorian chair, which was our first big estate sale furniture purchase after college, and our little Lane side table (from this post), which we somehow ended up keeping.  The two on the left are thrifted: a colored photo transfer of Rockport, MA from Salvation Army, and a cool photograph we picked up at a yard sale years ago, both signed and framed.  The one on the right is a beautiful print I bought on 20x200 (which has been weirdly offline most of this year, but is apparently coming back soon?), and framed in a thrifted frame with a custom matte.

Well, that is where our place stands right now!  I was looking back through our Tour the Space page and reminiscing (ok, mostly just missing the gleaming hardwoods and light mint walls of our Groton apartment), but I do love our cozy new home with all its eccentricities.  Now I just need to touch up the patio area, finish the bedroom, finish the bedroom, and stop ignoring the massive pile of stuff that is our second bedroom...

What do you think of our space, and all the art we put up?  Any ideas for how to work with the wood paneling?  What to do about the boob lights?!  Do you have any fun ideas for updating thrift store art?  Do you have certain styles you like to mix and match in your home, or are you all about one time period of design?


  1. Your new digs look great! I kinda like the wood paneling. You've made it work. And that window to the kitchen is cool!

  2. Haha, going through your photos and such right now for our collab post. :D I feel your pain on the need for a wide angle lens when shooting interiors! I have narrow hallways and can never photograph them well. :P

  3. I've always wanted a wide angle lens but never have been able to afford one. I've seen where they have these little things that you can attach to your lens that is suppose to widen the view, but I'm not sure about that.
    I love the way your place turned out! It looks very cozy and inviting. And changing out the boob light isn't hard and it doesn't have to be expensive. You guys can find an inexpensive good light and just watch a youtube video to learn out how to change it. That kind shouldn't be hard. My brother the electrician walks us through that kind of stuff over the phone a lot.
    That said, the light isn't that bad! : )

    1. I had paneling in my former house and I painted it. The room was small and the paneling made it dark, so I painted the ceiling and woodwork white and the walls a creamy white. It brightened the room up. I've known a couple other people who did this and it makes a difference. (Of course I think your room looks good, and if you change the color you might have to change your accessories???)


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