A Wedding in Polaroids

Well maybe the title of this post should be "Bits and Pieces of a Wedding and Mini Honeymoon in a couple Polaroids, but mostly Fuji Instax," but that was decidedly too long.

Moral of the story is we don't have the official wedding photos from our photographer yet, but we do have lots of instant pictures taken by us and our lovely guests to share today!  Chris has done several posts of instant photos taken with various types of Polaroid and Fujifilm cameras, and given our interest in the genre, we decided to work some instant photography into the wedding.  So, we bought a Fuji Instax camera with lots of film on Amazon, and I made a beautiful set of instructions (more on that another day I'm sure), and instead of of having a traditional guestbook, we asked our guests to take a photo and write a note for us on the white part around the picture.

We got things started at the beginning of the reception with photo of us, still a little lightheaded and overwhelmed from the ceremony.  We look freaky tan, but I swear that's just because we're in a shadow.  It turns out the Sharpie pens we bought were very smudgy on the photo paper, so most of the messages ended up a little uneven, but eh... it's the thought that counts :)

We ended up with tons of awesome pictures and adorable notes, so I just picked some of my favorites to share here.  Our lovely friend Lauren (who was one of my bridesmaids) gave us a beautiful personalized album, which we are going to fill with all the guestbook instants along with some of the professional photos.

Some of them were silly (and may include inside jokes I'm not going to bother explaining here, but you get the point)...

And some were just adorable or hilarious or sweet or any number of other adjectives.  Just look at the frown on that little girl.  Impressive.  I also love the one in the lower left ("Always have fun! Great Party"), partly because they complimented the awesome party that was our wedding, and partly because of the great mystery... we will never know who took that picture and wrote the note since there's no signature!  And yes, that is me dancing like crazy with my friends; that went on for many hours and it was oh so good.

The day after the wedding, Chris and I embarked on what I am calling our "mini-moon," which entailed two days of driving down Highway One (the road of many names... CA State Route 1, Pacific Coast Highway, etc), spending one night in Big Sur and one in Santa Barbara, on our way home to Ojai, where Chris had his first day of work a few days after the wedding.

These are the only two actual Polaroids in the bunch!  I love the image quality of the Fuji FP-100C film in the Polaroid Reporter camera, but sadly the camera ran out of batteries after only a few photos, so we mostly used the Fuji Instax from the wedding, which is easier to use anyway.

I just got my September issue of Sunset magazine in the mail today, and holy crap the cover picture is literally the same location as the photo on the right!  It is apparently Mile 361 on Highway One, the McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in Big Sur.  The picture of us (taken by a kindly stranger) is actually around the corner at the same stop on the highway.  Big Sur was crazy beautiful, even more than I thought it would be.  We stayed the night at an amazing hotel, Glen Oaks Big Sur, in the Little Sur cabin featured on their website; it had an awesome modern vibe, and was the perfect cross between a luxury indoor space and camping, complete with a fire-pit surrounded by huge redwoods.

We drove by more amazing views than we could photograph, clambered out of our car with everyone else and their mother to take a picture of some hilarious elephant seals, and soaked up the sun and surf at Pismo beach.

This is a collection of photos I'm calling, "Julia looking weird."  Not that that's an abnormal thing.  But it seems to happen fairly often that I'm somehow preparing for a picture and then Chris determines it's time to take the photo, and I end up twisted in some weird position or looking off in a random direction.  That is one of the great things about instant film versus digital though... you get what you get!

Oh, and (looking at the bottom left picture) did I mention we were driving a convertible?  Chris's dad generously gave us the gift of renting a Mustang convertible to drive up and down to the wedding, and though I was wary when we were trying to pack all the wedding stuff in the car on the way up, it turned out to be perfect for the mini-moon drive home.  It seems everyone else was on the same page, as just about every other car we passed was another rented Mustang convertible!  I wish we had counted... because it was seriously ridiculous how many we saw, all with the little sticker barcodes labeling them as rentals.

The pier at Pismo Beach had more great views, and after finally breaking out of the coastal fog, the lighting was excellent for lots more pictures.  We have an amusingly tilted photo taken by a not very photographically inclined stranger, beautiful view of the land, and first and second attempts at a photo of Chris with the pelicans.

That's it for now!  I am thoroughly exhausted from this week, and it is time for me to enjoy my Friday evening!  We'll of course be back on Sunday with the Nifty Thrifty, and I am looking forward to spending a little more time fine-tuning our online endeavors now that we're more settled out here.

So what do you think of our pictures?  Would/did you use polaroids for your wedding guestbook? What do you think of the results?  Have you ever driven CA Highway One or been to Big Sur?  Do you enjoy the instant film experience, or do you prefer the control of digital?

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  1. Oh how I love the look of instant photos...I love the guestbook idea and wish I would have done it at my wedding.
    You both looked lovely by the way!!!


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