The Wedding Ones: Little Projects

I can't believe it's only a week and a couple days until our wedding!!  My big to-do list is getting close to being completely checked off, so I'm starting to feel less stressed and more excited.  This past week I've been in go mode, and I finished a bunch of little projects, while binge watching "Say Yes to the Dress" on Netflix... I just can't help myself, it's so bizarre and addictive.  Anyway, I took some photos of everything I've done lately, and I'm very happy with how it all came out.  I can't wait to see everything come together!

Here it all is!

On the left we have my adorable homemade cake topper (for the giant cupcake we're going to cut... our guests will be eating tiny cupcakes and parisian macarons, but we decided we wanted to cut something a little bigger than that) on my homemade cake stand.  Just ignore the random bowl of rice holding up the cake topper.

First the cake topper:  I got the idea from Etsy, but I decided to make my own with some of the leftover fabric from my table runners (more on that in a moment).  I cut out little diamonds of fabric, folded them over some leftover bakers twine from our invitations, sewed a couple stitches to keep them in place, and strung them up on two wood skewers.  Easy peasy and super adorable!

For the cake stand, I remembered seeing a Martha Stewart article about making cake stands by gluing together plates and bowls/cups/whatever-looks-good-as-a-base at some point awhile ago, so I started looking for suitable plates while we were thrifting, and last weekend I picked up this beautiful vintage milk glass plate with scalloped edges at an estate sale for a few dollars.  Then, at a yard sale the next day, I found a weird little milk glass bowl for 50 cents that I knew would make a perfect base.  All I had to do was add some strong glue, and I had a beautiful cake stand!

On the right is the card box, which isn't quite done, but I'm waiting for an order of adhesive chalkboard paper and pens, so I can add a pretty label that says "cards" on the side.  To make it, I just took a cardboard box in the size I wanted, used an exacto knife to cut an opening in the top, and wrapped it like a present with a vintage map from our hoard (using little rolls of tape to secure the paper on the sides so you can't see the tape).  Then I cut a slit in the map down the middle of the hole in the top and folded and taped the paper inside, so the edges are all covered in map.  Really simple, does the job, and looks cool enough :)

Around the edges of all these pictures are more of my vintage map origami candle holders, which I finally finished making.

On the cake stand, we have my lovely felted boutonnieres for the guys.  I posted DIY instructions for making these beauties, and since then we changed Chris's outfit a bit, so we ended up deciding to have Chris's three groomsmen in blue, our officiant friend in peach, and Chris with the awesome multi-colored one.

Awhile ago I mentioned my plan to make round table runners with pretty edges using all the thrifted fabrics I picked up, and I finally did it!  Each table will have a different piece of fabric on top of the plain white linens provided by our caterer.  I just followed the instructions from Martha Stewart (I can't believe there are two Martha references in this one post...) using my own templates for the edges.  They were pretty simple and super cheap to make, and they have a really big impact by adding lots of color and pattern.

I am a little bit obsessed with our ring holder, and it was basically free!  We're having a "ring warming" during the ceremony, where the rings get passed around to everyone in attendance to warm them with their good wishes/vibes/blessings for us (our officiant explains it at the beginning and then the rings go while we do all the readings and vows and such, and hopefully they make it to everyone before we have to get them back for the ring exchange).  So, we needed the rings to be firmly attached to something people could hold on to; we didn't really like the look of most ring pillows, but we wanted something where people could see the rings (so no box).  I was poking around all our little things one day, thinking about what I could tie the rings to, when I spotted our tiny white hand (which used to live in our dollhouse as "art") and freaked out a little bit.  I have a stash of ribbon, so I dug through it and found the perfect soft seafoam ribbon, which I wrapped around the hand (looped around the wrist and the palm so it can't slide off), tied on the rings with a bow, and BOOM.  Coolest ring holder ever.  EVER.

Speaking of the rings... we bought my simple platinum engraved band at the same estate jewelry store where we found my engagement ring, Market Square Jewelers (for those in the area, we found the Dover location to be the best).  It doesn't technically match, but it goes perfectly with my engagement ring and they look like they were made for each other.  We bought Chris's wood and titanium ring on Etsy; we had to wait a long time to get it, but we are really happy with it, and luckily it fits Chris perfectly since it can't be sized!

Whew, that's a lot of little projects.  Just a few more to go!

What do you think of it all?  What's your favorite thing I've made for the wedding?  Did you DIY things or repurpose vintage items for your wedding?

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  1. Everything looks so beautiful! I love the colors you choose and the decorations are officially the cutest things I have ever seen. Congratulations (early) on your wedding!

  2. I adore it all especially your cake topper, looks like your wedding is going to be a visual feast for your guests!. Love the ring warming idea too, wish I'd done this and the giant cupcake sounds adorable! All the very best to you both, have a ball and congratulations x :) Tina

  3. I love it! The soft colors are just beautiful together and I love how the vintage maps tie it all together. The boutonnieres you made are awesome!

  4. I love it all! The runners, the boutonnieres, the cake topper. It's all fabulous. Are you guys going to ask guests to instagram your wedding? I don't know how that works, but think of all the different perspectives you would get.


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