The Nifty Thrifty: Ojai Estate Finds

Hey Thrifters!

Continuing with the countdown... our wedding is in exactly one week! And as you can imagine we are very excited, and very very busy.  On top of bringing all of the final parts of our wedding together, somehow we found the time to go to an estate sale in Ojai this weekend, and we picked up some interesting vintage stuff.

First we found the antique rotary telephone--we've had great luck selling vintage and antique telephones, but they are hard to find at the right price.  This one will definitely end up in our Etsy shop after next week, along with many other items.  We also picked up this southwestern style blanket/rug, which we have actually already sold to our neighbors.  We have a very similar rug to this one, but ours is a dark blue, and this one is a great seafoam green that will work perfectly in our neighbors' apartment.  And finally, the horn with the strap and mouth piece is actually a musical horn.  If you unscrew the end of the mouthpiece you uncover a small disk with two metal reeds similar to those inside of a harmonica.  The pair of notes that the horn plays are not the sweetest in combination, but perhaps it was meant for getting attention rather than making music?  It is definitely a unique piece, and we like how it looks hung on the wall, so it will be joining the telephone up on Etsy after the wedding.

What do you think of our purchases?  Let us know how you did this week by linking up below!

What with the wedding next weekend, we probably won't be posting again for about two weeks, so we'll see you on the other side!

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  1. One week ! However did you squeeze in thrifting !! Thanks for hosting and have a very productive busy week leading up to your wedding.

  2. That horn looks great. All the best with your wedding.

  3. First time at your party. Thanks for hosting. Best wishes with your wedding and for a long and blessed marriage. -Dawn

  4. That telephone is really lovely!

    Hope your wedding goes well x

  5. That horn is so strange, yet so cool. I hope all your details are coming together nicely and you guys are relatively stress free.

  6. Looove all three finds! Good luck keeping it together for the wedding craziness.

  7. The telephone is incredible!

    All the best for a wonderful wedding! :)


  8. Deep breath, have a great week as you finish the preparations for your wedding next weekend. Whew !
    Thanks for hosting.

  9. Wow! Exciting! Enjoy this special time!

  10. That horn looks really wonderful, what is that made of?

  11. Love the phone. I saw one recently, and now wish I had grabbed it.


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