New Apartment Round Two

We weren't exactly planning on moving twice in one summer, but we did it, and it feels so very good to be in our new, much happier, home.  As of this Monday we have had all our stuff in the new place, and though there are still a few loose ends to tie up on the other end, we are incredibly relieved to be here.  There are a lot of little things we love about our new apartment, and we think it's going to be a much better fit for us in many ways.

We moved so quickly, we unfortunately never got a chance to take empty house before pictures, but eh, we do what we can.  Now, keep in mind that it has only been a few days and things are still very much in progress, but we wanted to share some pictures of the apartment so you can see what we've been up to...

We loved having an outdoor space at the last apartment, and our new patio area is even better!  The fenced backyard is shared, but still very private, and we have this beautiful covered space all to ourselves.  It's so nice to be surrounded not just by our plants, but also by a whole backyard of green loveliness.  Also, since it's covered, we don't have to worry about moving our table in the winter.  This area is our front entrance, as well, through the sliding glass doors into the kitchen.

To help you put all the pictures together in your mind, I drew one of my famous floor plans.  It's not perfectly to scale and the lines aren't always quite straight, but you get the picture.

Just like with our last apartment, we started by trying to get the living room in order, so our main public hang-out space would be good to go.  One thing that annoyed us about having to move was that we had been so quick about getting art on the walls and feeling really settled, and now we have to start over.  We haven't hung any art yet, so this room definitely isn't done yet, but we're enjoying where it is so far!

The living room has two large windows, along with a window to the kitchen right next to the sliding door (so even more light comes in through there), and a wide opening to the kitchen that makes the floor plan feel very open.  One wall is a light peach color (the same as the kitchen), and the other three are wood paneling, which will be an interesting challenge to work with, though I do like how much warmth they bring to the room.  We're thinking about curtains for the windows, maybe painting the one peach wall... we'll see what develops.  We were lucky that our two new white IKEA bookshelves were able to squeeze in on either side of the window, I love that the room is big enough to layer our living room rug with our cowhide, and I can't wait to get some art on those walls!  That map art hanging over the window is totally temporary, by the way; there was a nail in the wall and it somehow just ended up hanging there for now.

This angle is looking back towards the bedroom from the living room.  The bedroom is a bit further from done, but I think it's going to be great once it gets there.  The walls are actually a really subtle grey, which I am a big fan of; they have a lot more depth than just plain white, but it's still subtle and sophisticated.  That black and glass IKEA shelf in the corner is filled with random decor crap that needs to be organized and placed still, and obviously that art will eventually end up on a wall somewhere... one step at a time!

Turning to the other side in the living room, here is the view into the kitchen.  Ignore the pile of boxes on the right (we're preparing for a yard sale soon), and the odd jumble of stuff on the fridge, and everything else that's not done yet... The kitchen is rather large with lots of quirky moments that we love.  For example, between the stove and the fridge is an odd piece of kitchen furniture with a rattan-front cabinet and an enamel top, which is pretty great.  Eventually we'll put up our rails for hanging utensils and such over the stove, and maybe some art, too.

Here is another view of the kitchen from the front sliding door.  We have lots of open shelving, perfect for displaying our awesome vintage dishes, and finally a good use for our kitchen stool, since I need it to get my little self up to the top cabinets.  The ceilings in our apartment all slope up to this side of the house, so our kitchen (and bathroom and second bedroom) all have nice tall ceilings.

And back outside from straight-on, we have a cute little pathway leading out from our patio into the yard.  If you look at the glass door in this photo, you can see my reflection as I take the picture and Odo looking at me from inside.

We're using the second bedroom as an office/storage room, and it is currently so packed with boxes a photo would just be useless.  Anyway, this is a just a little preview of where we are now, and we'll post more pictures as we "finish" each room... we didn't even get to any of the neat little built-ins or the very blue bathroom!

What do you think of our new apartment?  Do you prefer a home that is a newer blank slate (like our last space), or an older place with all it's quirks?  Any ideas of little projects we could do to make our new home even cooler?


  1. Your back yard is lovely! The covered porch will be really nice for outdoor parties. That's on my wishlist for my yard. It's good to hear that you guys are feeling better about this situation. It sucks that you moved across the country and had such a bad experience.

  2. I like this place better! The outdoor space seems much more accessible and usable I think. And the layout makes a little more sense to me. Your drawings are very nice and help a lot in understanding the space. Can't wait to see more.

  3. Love what you've done with your suddenly 'new' space. Lucky to have such a great mom/mil. Thanks for hosting.


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