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Hey Thrifters!

This week we had some luck at the two estate sales we visited.  The first sale promised mid century furniture in the ad, but we arrived too late (6:30am!) to get any of it.  But we didn't leave empty handed; we filled the car (which is a surprising amount if you are familiar with the Honda Fit) with a giant crazy orchid, several succulents--large and small--and pile of air plants, some of which are pictured below.  We'll be posting more pictures of our new apartment soon, including our awesome outdoor space, so you'll see all the bigger plants then.

At the second estate sale, which was another hoarder (we went to our first hoarder sale last week), we found this awesome glow-in-the-dark exit sign, and the mid century furniture legs in the image below.  Julia cleaned up the exit sign quite well and we just might keep it for now; it looks pretty good in our kitchen.  I discovered it was actually glow-in-the-dark and not just reflective when I got up in the middle of the night last night and was well informed of the location of the exit.  As for the legs, we might sell them as is, or maybe we'll add them to something to make a custom mcm style table or some other piece of furniture.

The biggest score this week was definitely the plants, which we will show more of soon, once we take more pictures of our new space.  Both of the succulents in the picture above were also from the first estate sale, but we bought three larger and more exciting plants!

How did your week go?  Any big finds?  What do you think of our estate sale purchases?  Have you bought plants used before?  We have found that it's a surprisingly good way to get nice mature plants at a great price!

These blogs also host great link-ups that we join, so make sure you check them out, too: Apron Thrift GirlMe and my ShadowSir Thrift-A-Lotand a mid century one at Remnant!

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  1. How funny! See my link to my blog..I found 2 vintage EXIT signs this weekend too!
    Love the plants..and yes..thrifting is a great way to get them.

  2. I love the plants and the exit sign. I've been all about gardening lately too- I guess it's the summertime! Hope you guys are settling in to your new place!

  3. Random question- how do you like your Honda Fit?? I'm thinking about making that my next car purchase. Does it really hold a lot?

    1. Sorry for the super slow response!! We absolutely LOVE our Honda Fit. Best car we've ever had. It is amazing how much you can fit in the trunk. There are two different ways to fold the seats so you can make it work with anything. We were amazed when we bought our billy bookcases at IKEA that we were able to fit those really long boxes down the middle of the car; they went all the way up to the stick shift, but they fit! Also, it's comfortable, handles well, and gets great gas mileage (we've been getting in the low 30's on every tank). We definitely recommend it!!

  4. The plants are awesome! I wonder how old some of those are...

  5. Great that you found more of the plants you love. I do buy plants at yard/garage sales, especially mature ones. Thanks for hosting.

  6. Great finds! Thrifting is a great way to find some great items. I love how you displayed the plants with the exit sign! It's amazing what great garden finds you come across during the summer.

  7. That exit sign is awesome! And how funny that one of your other readers found some too. Weird how thrifting works like that sometimes.

  8. That EXIT sign is awesome! Definitely a keeper. Can't wait to see your outdoor space. Maybe I will get some inspiration.



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