It's Alive-ing Space: The Patio

Our new apartment is coming along nicely, and we have another "room" to share with you today! I put room in quotes since the space we're sharing is our outdoor room, the lovely patio.  It's really more like a courtyard since there is no way out; three sides are surrounded by the house (two walls are ours and one is our neighbors... eventually I'll draw a floor plan so it all makes sense), and the fourth side is enclosed with a tall fence.

We absolutely LOVE having an outdoor space, and we spend a ton of time out there, including eating all our meals since that's where our awesome vintage enamel table lives now!  We might have to reevaluate that choice in the fall/winter when it might actually rain now and then, but for now it's perfect.  We don't really have much proper outdoor furniture at the moment, except for a few fun vintage folding chairs and an outdoor pouf from Crate&Barrel, which was a gift from our wedding registry.  We're definitely keeping an eye out for some more outdoor furniture, but for now we're happy just to have the space!

We're still figuring out how to take the best possible pictures in the sun-dappled light we get all day, so please forgive any weirdness there!

Here are two views from the door looking out over the space.  It's basically an L-shaped brick patio around a huge oak tree in the right corner.  We had several extra rugs that we didn't really care about, so we threw them outside and we love how they look out there; just like inside, the rugs really help define the separate spaces.

When we first moved in, that wall on the left was really dirty and gross, the ground was equally dirty, and the fence was covered in cobwebs and leaves, and it was missing a few more slats and was leaning away into the neighbor's yard.  It was amazing what a difference it made to scrub the wall clean and sweep the floor and put down rugs (although that tree drops leaves like crazy so we have to sweep just about every day to keep up with it).  Luckily our neighbor is a construction worker and had the same idea as us about the fence, so he pushed it up and fixed it so it would stay straight; he put up the extra boards he had, and our landlord is planning to patch in the last few soon, so then it will look even better!

Check out all those beautiful plants!  We talked about all the awesome plants we got at an estate sale last weekend, and here they are!  On the far right is this giant bizarre orchid thing, in the middle is a long wooden planter full of amazing succulents, behind that is another crazy succulent and a jade plant, and interspersed between them all are lots of smaller plants.  In the first pictures you could see some more plants including our lovely lime tree in the back corner and a sweet banana plant, both of which we bought at Lowe's.  The plants bring so much life to the patio, and I think they class it up.

Odo loves the patio, maybe even more than us.  You can't see it in the pictures, but there is some bare ground all around the edge of the patio next to the fence and around the tree, so he has a place to go to the bathroom whenever he wants without us having to put on his leash and take him down two flights of stairs... what a luxury!  Plus he has lots of sticks to chew--one of his favorite activities--which is all well and good except he keeps bringing them inside and chewing on the rug.  Not cool.

This is the view from the back corner of the patio looking back towards the door.  Basically right outside the door we have a little sitting area with a folding beach chair and the pouf, then there's the table area, and around the corner (where I'm standing to take this picture) is our little grill (which we use all the time now) and some more chairs for sitting while grilling.  We would love to have a small fire pit where the grill is now for hanging out in the cool evenings, and I want to add some cafe lights where the prayer flags are hung now and on the fence.

For reference, here are the few before pictures we snapped right before we moved in all our stuff. You can see how bad the fence looks, and how sad the little cinderblock ledge around the tree looks without all the plants on it.

Now this is the view from inside our living room.  We closed the door for the sake of the picture, but usually it is open all day long.  I can't get enough of looking out at this happy little space!  It will probably change more as we tinker with it and maybe pick up some more outdoor stuff, but for now it is livable and lovely!

What do you think of our patio?  Any recommendations for furniture?  How do you decorate your outdoor space, if you have one?


  1. Holy crap, that Hen and Chicks is the craziest one I've ever seen! Your patio looks awesome. So inviting and cozy. California weather is so mild, you'll be able to enjoy that space dang near year round. Big change from where you guys were! : )

  2. Being a Patio space is quite good and It's quite important to keep it maintained and decorated with the furniture and other elements. I loved the way you have shared your stuff. Its really cool!!


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