A Living Space in California

We're still alive, and we made it to our new home in California!!  It has been a long couple weeks since our last post, but we're back!  If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook, you saw a bunch of snapshots from our journey west, and of course all those pics are still up there for anyone who missed it.

Since we got to Ojai a week ago, we've been crazy busy working on unpacking and settling into our new place, and we finally have something to share!  It was oddly stressful living with tons of boxes and moving mess, so we focused on trying to get the living room all set up, and having one room "done" definitely makes the place feel like home.  Here's a little peek into our new space:

I love our living room!  We have an obscene amount of books, which have mostly been packed away in boxes in our previous apartments, but this time we decided to make room for them.  So, we made a trip to IKEA and picked up two basic white Billy bookcases.  All our books fit perfectly, and I spent an enjoyable few hours arranging them loosely by subject and color.

We both love having lots of art on the walls, so a room doesn't feel done to us until we hang some art!  We're extra pleased with the art in our new living room; from left to right we have: one of my giant paintings, two of Chris's photographs, and then our vintage "Periodic Chart of the Atoms."  Some of our favorite pieces!

Our other rooms are still works in progress, but we'll share more of the finished spaces once there's actually something to look at.  Until then, here are the "before" pictures we took of the space before we unloaded the moving truck:

This is the living room from a similar angle as the first "finished" picture.  All of our ceilings are slightly angled, which I like in person, but it can make pictures look a little wonky.

This is the fourth wall of the living room (where the first picture was taken from).  These glass doors are the reason our living room has good light even though there are no windows on three walls!  It looks like the fence is right there, but it's actually about 15 ft away (more on that space later...).

At the far right of this picture you can see the edge of the door to the bedroom...

This bedroom shot is looking back at the door, and into the ONLY closet in our new apartment (and it doesn't even have doors.  Our last place had three closets, including one giant one, so that's been a bit of an adjustment, but that's a post for another day :)

And here's the bedroom from the view of the closet.  It's a narrow room (our bed juuuust fits), with a funny little raised area at the end.

Moving back to the other side of the living room, we have the kitchen, which leads into the bathroom.  This picture was taken from the bathroom looking into the kitchen.  Our front door is in the kitchen on the left.

Now looking back into the kitchen from the front door, you can see into the bathroom.  Both rooms are rather spacious and bright with several windows.

And finally, the "room" that's probably our favorite... our patio!  This picture was taken looking through the living room doors, so you can see the edge of our humongous tree (which provides lovely shade), and the brick patio floor.

Here's looking back at the house from the far corner of the patio.  Isn't that glass block window to the bathroom super cool?!  The patio is probably the biggest "room" we have, and luckily it barely ever rains in Ojai, so we can make full use of that space.  We even put our table out there, and we just love eating outside.

The new apartment is about half the size of our last one, so even though we had sold a ton of stuff before moving, we still have too many possessions!  Luckily our landlord is awesome, and she is finishing a storage space for us to store all the things that we would normally keep in a basement/attic/closet/extra room like our sporting and camping equipment, art supplies, and bins of Etsy sale items.  Until then, our patio is acting as that storage space, but we can't wait to clear it all out.

So what do you think of our new home?  Do you have an outdoor space?  Do you like what we've done with the living room?  How do you like to organize bookshelves?

I'm so excited to be blogging again!  We'll definitely have lots to post about, what with the new apartment and our wedding coming up in one month!


  1. It's nice to have one room done, to give it a sense of order. Your brother has several closets with no doors, but they came with curtain rods and curtains as "doors". Room for creativity here. Just install a little battery powered light in the closet, so you can still see when the curtain closes.
    Of course, the raised area in the bedroom is your meditation area. Enjoy decorating!

  2. It really looks fantastic so far!! Good luck with all of the unpacking. The nesting part is fun but BOY do I hate all the work that goes into moving!

  3. I am loving your living room and your floors are WONDERFUL!!! Congrats on a successful move! =)


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