The Wedding Ones: Clothes for the Boys

What?  The groomsmen need clothes, too?

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Just kidding...  We have actually spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what we want the groomsmen to wear.  I think it took so long because we just couldn't find any inspiration pictures that were quite what we wanted (and when I say "we" I actually mostly mean Chris... he's a surprisingly picky dude).

Like our bridesmaid dress ideas, we want our guys to be relatively casual and not have to spend much, with a mismatched style that still looks coordinated.  Hopefully they can mostly wear clothes they already own!

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This selection of inspiration pictures gives the general sense of what we like, and we'll get into more details of what we actually decided further down...

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Alright, let's get into details.  Chris is wearing a colorful patterned shirt, navy blue bow tie, grey vest, and dark grey pants.  We're going to ask the groomsmen to wear any shade of grey pants, a light button down shirt (either white or a light color), and to pull it all together with the look of the whole wedding, a peachy bow tie or skinny tie.  I ended up deciding to have all my girls in various shades of aqua blue, so we figured we'd even it out by having the guys wear a touch of peach.  We'll ask Erik, our awesome friend/officiant, to follow the same guidelines, along with the light grey suit we know he already owns... and we're making him wear his gold sneakers :)

We're guessing the guys will just need to find the peachy tie, so we searched Etsy for some good options, and here's what we came up with:

1. orange & royal blue freestyle bow tie - $36
2. Aqua, Lime, or Peach Skinny Tie - $21.88
3. Bow Tie- Southern Preppy Striped Seersucker - $50
4. Necktie Peach Silk Skinny Tie - $19.95
5. Bow tie in peach and pink - $37
6. Peach Raspberry Skinny Tie - $45
7. NUDE GOLD DIP 2 - bow tie - $35
8. vintage Skinny Necktie with Sea Creatures - sold (we already bought this one for Chris's little brother!)
9. Men's Self-Tie Freestyle Pre-Tied Bow Tie - Peach Orange Seersucker - $32

Also, I just have to add that suspenders are not required, but totally encouraged!

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Doesn't everyone just look classier with some suspenders on?  Yes, yes they do.  I'm curious to see if any of the guys will take me up on that one...

What do you think of our groomsmen ideas?  Which peachy tie or bow tie is your favorite?  Are you into the mismatched wedding party look like us?


  1. 1, 3, and 9 are my favorite tie choices. I like the fun patterns that sound like they might compliment Chris's patterned shirt. I love the idea of a mismatched wedding party. It will make your wedding pictures so interesting and fun!

  2. Wow love them and it has a bit of vintage on them.


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