The Nifty Thrifty: Yard Sale Scores

Hi everyone!

Today I'm taking over our late Nifty Thrifty post so Chris can finish his grading since we were super busy with our yard sale all weekend.  Remember the other day when we posted about our plans for a huge multi-family faculty yard sale at the boarding school where Chris works on Saturday, and then selling more at a flea market on Sunday?  Well, the yard sale went so darn well on Saturday we decided we didn't have enough stuff left to justify getting up super early (like 3am early) and paying $30 to go to the flea market.  But, everyone had so much fun with the yard sale (which was actually held in various garages and a barn on campus--we were in the barn with a few other families), we decided to take advantage of the awesome weather on Sunday and go for round two!  We moved all our tables and boxes of stuff to a big field on the main road on Sunday morning and had another fun day of sales, followed by a huge end-of-the-school-year potluck BBQ (hence the late post...).

Mostly we sold and sold, and we got rid of an amazing amount of stuff, but we just couldn't resist picking up a few things from our fellow sellers for ourselves:

These awesome handmade portrait pillows are probably my favorite thing we picked up.  They are just so hilarious!  They are signed "Uppman Straus," but I can't find a single bit of info about the guy online.  We actually traded our peacock chair for the pair of them as well as the next item...

Chris fell in love with this hand-painted photograph by David Klopfenstein, so we were both rather pleased with our trade.  I did some research on the artist and found this newspaper article from 1980.  At first we weren't 100% sure that it was actually a photograph, but the article explains, "Since Klopfenstein is also a painter, he is able to handtint his things in such a way that they have a remarkable delicacy and a misty, unreal--or, as he says, 'surreal'--quality."  So that solved that mystery!

You'll have to forgive the reflection of me, the camera, and a plant in the photo I took... I'm sure Chris would have found a way to minimize the glare, but I'm not the photography expert here!

I picked up this 5' by 7' woven rug for $20 from another seller, and I could not be happier with the navy blue color, rows of white birds with red eyes, and corner tassels.  It was definitely a steal, and I think it will go really well with our other rugs in our next apartment.

Now that I'm about to post, I just remembered that we had one more awesome vintage purchase from the yard sale--which we're planning to sell rather than keep like the rest of this stuff--but it is buried in Chris's car at the moment, and I want to get this very late post live, so it's just going to have to wait till next week!

What do you think of our purchases?  What did you thrift this week?  Link up below!

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  1. The pillows are so great, and I love the photograph too! Good work. :)

  2. Those pillows are amazing! We held our own garage sale, but didn't sell anything that awesome. The one thing we were selling that was cool- we decided to keep and upcycle. :)

  3. You traded/bought some great finds at the huge garage sale. Hope lots of your stuff went too. Thanks for hosting.

  4. Holy cow, those PILLOWS! They are just amazing. So glad you picked them up, and glad your yard sale went well!

  5. Love your 'new' finds. Hope your sale went very well. Thanks for hosting.

  6. So glad to hear that your sale weekend went well. Lovely finds, but the photograph is my favorite.

  7. The pillows are hysterical! Are they supposed to be the two of you on your 50th wedding anniversary. Oh, my. You should consider bringing them for decorations at the wedding as fill ins for guests who couldn't make it.

  8. Glad you guys made some monies for the wedding! And those pillows are so funny! They look a bit drunk.

  9. That painting actually made me go get an orange for a snack. :)

  10. That photo is gorgeous. Thanks for hosting!


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