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Hey Thrifters!

It seems like it's been forever since we went to a good old fashioned yard sale.  On Saturday afternoon we were on our way to Savers to see if we could pick up any last minute finds for the week, when we passed a yard sale that was still going on late in the day, and we figured it just might be worth a stop.

Really, the main reason we pulled over was because we spotted this Welby starburst wall clock as we were driving by.  This wind-up beauty is missing the key, but is in otherwise great condition, and totally worth the stop.  Anyone know anything about winding a clock without the original key?

After we nabbed the clock, we started to root around everything else, and emerged with these two little gems.  The red enamel turkish coffee pot is a classic for us, and it's in great condition.  Also, unlike the majority of these that we have found in the past, this one says it was made in Poland, not Yugoslavia.

The little wood Jello box, on the other hand, is a first.  It is hilarious and adorable, and it will definitely go up on Etsy if it doesn't find itself a home in our next apartment first.  The bottom is stamped "© George Nathan 1984" and a search for George Nathan on Etsy revealed a bunch of funny wood signs in a similar style.

We're not looking to pick up much with the move and all, but we couldn't help but return home with these.  We ended up abandoning our trip to Savers, and arrived back at our apartment ready to relax in the air conditioning and avoid spending any more time out in the humid 90° and hotter weather we've been dealing with lately.

While we're on the topic, it's only fitting that we start promoting the giant 20+ family yard sale we're organizing for this Saturday, June 8th!  We'll post about it again in a few days with more details, but we'll be selling just about everything you can imagine, from your usual yard sale fare to our overabundance of vintage stuff.  If you're in our area, you should stop by and pick up some great vintage items on the cheap--we're especially trying to get rid of glass items such as Pyrex, Fire King, MCM Barware, and more that just might get damaged in our move to CA!

What do you think of our yard sale finds this week?  Have you been having yard sale weather yet in your area?  Link up your thrifting posts below!

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  1. I'm pretty sure you can just measure the keyhole on the clock and then order a replacement key. I have to do that on a starburst clock I found...one of these days...

  2. I hope you find out about how to wind up the clock - its a brilliant find. Greetings from Scotland.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I can't believe you found that amazing clock late in the day at a sale! Who leaves that kind of amazing-ness behind?!

    Have a great week & good luck with your sale


  4. That clock is a thing of beauty! I definitely would have stopped, too!

  5. That clock is awesome! I think that most clock shops have drawers full of old keys. I've found one at a small shop for my old boss. They just gave it to me.
    So when do we find out about the Apartment Therapy contest?

    1. The favoriting period ended on the Apartment Therapy contest, and we ended up in the top five of our category, which means it goes to the judges to determine who is the winner of our division. The winner of each category will be posted tomorrow, and then there will be one day of voting to see who wins the whole thing. Our goal was to be in the top five, so we're excited we made it that far, and now it totally depends on what the judges are looking for!

      Thanks for the tip on the clock shop; I was thinking that might be a possibility.

  6. That wall clock is awesome! We are having our own garage sale this weekend, but we don't have anything like that for ours. :)

  7. that clock is absolutely gorgeous. waiting for you.

  8. Yet again, gorgeous finds and beautiful photos. I hope you manage to find a key to work the clock. x

  9. Great clock! Good luck in the Apt. Therapy contest!

  10. Now I bet that coffee pot makes a strong brew...no doubt needed for your upcoming shift. Good luck and best wishes on your next great adventure.

  11. Over from magpie Monday ..do love your wooden box so quaint!


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