The Nifty Thrifty: Last East Coast Post

Hey Thrifters!

Chris here--I've commandeered Julia's computer since I had to return mine to the school.  Hopefully Apple will start it's back to school sale tomorrow so I can buy my new computer and not have to steal Julia's laptop for posting, but we'll see.  Also, with my computer went our access to Photoshop, so please forgive the less than stellar iPhoto editing :)

Sadly, this is our last Nifty Thrifty post from the East Coast.  Most of our apartment is packed, and our movers come tomorrow to help us load our truck for the journey west.  We'll be spending this week and July 4th with my family and then hitting the road on Friday!  Because it is our last week living near my family I highly doubt that we'll have much time to thrift, and it's even less likely that we'll be able to post at our regularly scheduled times.  But of course, we did end up picking up a few good finds this week that we would love to show you...

We picked up this fun enamel kettle (at Savers) and set of Jeannette Glass Hellenic Green ashtrays (at the Salvation Army) this week while helping our friends find some furniture at the local thrift stores.  I really like enamel teapots; Cathrineholm, Dansk Kobenstyle, and Copco are my favorite, but this one is pretty cool too.  It's just a bit too cottage style for my taste, but perhaps we can sell it, and justify buying one I'd like... though the Cathrineholm will probably still be way out of our price range :)

This is the fourth bowl set of this kind that we have picked up.  We found this one at Savers, and it is the first one we have found that was made by Dolphin, a company that made many teak kitchen items in its day--we have come across many of their products, but we never knew that they made this kind of bowl until this week.  Each of the previous ones that we had sold quickly and for a good price, so we were happy to pick this one up, too!

And last but not least, we picked up this awesome Pyrex "Pueblo" cinderella casserole at Savers.  We have only been seriously thrifting for about two years now, but buying vintage Pyrex still feels like we're back in our early days.  Colorful vintage Pyrex was one of the items we used to buy and sell most frequently when we first began our Etsy shop, but we've since stepped away so we could focus on more profitable items.  Still, it's fun to find a cool piece like this one, and it's in great condition too!  Perhaps we'll keep it, or perhaps not--we'll figure it out once we unpack it in Ojai, CA!

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  1. Wow, I love that bowl! I'll have to be on the lookout for those. By the way, best of luck with your move! Welcome to the west coast :)

  2. Good luck with the move - I'm amazed you still find time for thrifting with all that going on!

  3. The bowl on the teak stand is great I've never seen anything like it before.
    Pyrex what can I say always something I like to see.
    I hope your move go's smoothly.

  4. That bowl is awesome!
    Good luck with the move and happy road tripping!

  5. All the best with your shift west. Will you be using that awesome map to navigate or will you go high tech use GPS? I still use map books when road tripping, especially on rural country roads.

  6. Good luck with the move! Love the bowl and the pyrex is definitely cool!

  7. I love the pot its exotic and elegant design. Want it so badly :)

  8. Moving days always suck! But having fun people around definitely helps! :) When I move someday, wanna come help? HAHAHAHA!


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