The Nifty Thrifty: Happily Hunting

Hey Thrifters!

We had another quiet week here in Groton, MA, but we still managed to score some great finds.  We finished up our massive yard sale last weekend, and then we returned to our seemingly equally massive list of things to do before the move.  You may have noticed we missed our usual mid-week post, but hopefully we'll find some time next week, as we have plenty of things to share!

As we mentioned in our post last week, we realized that we forgot to show you this little set of vintage nesting boxes that we picked up from another seller at the yard sale.  The set is missing one or two blocks, but they are awesome.

This we picked up at Savers in Nashua, NH, a few days ago when we went to exchange a couple items of clothing.  We both love Dansk Kobenstyle cookware, but I especially love it in white.  This huge baking pan is in very good condition, and I'll have a hard time parting with it, but it would make such a nice Etsy item!

We also found this mid century firewood holder/magazine rack at Savers the other day.  I had to look them up online to justify the purchase to Julia, but I discovered that they sell for around $40+ on Etsy.  We'll have to see if there is a place for this in our next space, but if not it'll be amongst the large number of great items we'll be posting from our new location in California!

Let us know how your hunting went this week!  What do you think of our purchases?

These blogs also host great link-ups that we join, so make sure you check them out, too: Apron Thrift GirlMe and my ShadowSir Thrift-A-Lotand a mid century one at Remnant!

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  1. I love the baking pan and the firewood holder!

  2. Love 'em all. The nursery blocks remind me of a nursery block puzzle I picked up recently. Must blog about it!

  3. Great finds! I love the wood log holder. Such simplicity of design. Great.

  4. The blocks are gorgeous and the wood log holder is glorious, great finds as always!

  5. Those nesting boxes are adorable! I thought they were blocks at first, but boxes is even better!

  6. Love how you photograph each item. Beautiful!

    Lisa @ Happy Girl Thrift

  7. I love the white baking pan -- very cool handles!

  8. Great finds this week. Those blocks are so great for a kids room. I've been hoping to thirft an enamel pan like that so that would be a keeper for me!

  9. Hmm, I can just picture roasted veggies in that dish...great find. I hope you like to cook, cause it would be a great to make/bake something with that.

  10. Hi Christopher and Julia. Thanks for hosting, love seeing your finds of the week.

  11. That fire wood holder has such a neat shape. I hope it finds a home in your new CA place!

  12. Thanks for hosting. Love seeing what you found during the week.

  13. That baking pan is awesome! I would love to trade out my stainless one for something like that:-)



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