The Nifty Thrifty: Cycling in Style

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the tardiness... I blame a combination of packing/moving, friends visiting, and general summer laziness :)

We didn't actually buy anything this week (so proud of us!), but we did get our awesome vintage bikes back from our local bike shop so we can share them with you!  Well, mostly we're sharing my bike because it is AWESOME.  Chris would argue that his bike is awesome, too, and I wouldn't disagree with that, but I'm a little biased (plus we didn't get a picture of Chris on his bike).

I found my beautiful Columbia Tourist 3-speed cruiser at Savers a few weeks ago and fell in love immediately.  I had actually just ordered a very similar new bike online two days earlier, but when I found this lovely vintage one, I quickly canceled the order and happily managed to get a full refund.  It's always amazing when exactly what you are looking for pops up at the thrifts.

My bike needed new tires, brakes, and a general tune up, so while we were at it, we also brought in Chris's vintage Schwinn Continental road bike for a tune up.  We went on a bike ride the other day, and they are both riding beautifully now; we can't wait to cruise around Ojai on them!  Chris found his bike at Savers a few months ago--his was $40, and mine was originally marked $55, but we had a stamp card for 30% off, so it was only $38.50.  So much cheaper than new bikes, even when you add in the bike shop costs, and these have so much more style!

My favorite features on my bike are the saddle baskets on the back (perfect for trips to the farmers market!), and the bell on the front with a little American flag on it.

Sometimes we feel like we're just posting about vintage stuff all the time, and it's nice to give it a little context and share how we incorporate vintage style into our everyday lives.

What do you think of our bikes?  Do you ride a vintage bike?  Did you thrift this week?  Share your finds below!

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  1. Great bikes! I love that you thrifted both of the, and that they're matching yellow.

  2. Great collection of groomsmen outfits. Love the sneakers. Thanks for hosting. Great yellow bike.

  3. Love the bikes - great color!!

  4. The fun is only just beginning with those bikes! A woven basket for the front maybe? My little one and I cruise around town on a black Dutch style bike. Way more fun than driving a car

  5. Your bike is gorgeous, as are your (ahem) legs!!

    Were they both the same colour, or did you ave them re-sprayed to match?

    1. Thanks! :)
      That's the original paint on both! I love that we match when we bike together.

  6. Love your bike. Yellow is good. Thanks for hosting.

  7. Those are going to be super fun in California!

  8. Congrats on thrifting not one, but TWO awesome bikes! You guys are lucky indeed!

    Scavenger Hunt

  9. I picked up a vintage bike for $5 at an estate sale in early spring: it was pretty gruesome looking but I fell in love and hoped for the best (being completely un-mechanical!) My husband put new tires on it, greased up the chain and it's been the perfect ride ever since. My daughter made fun of my old bike until she rode it; now it is never at the house when I want it because she is 'borrowing' it!


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