Giant Vintage Moving Sale and Flea Market Plans

This week has been all about preparing for a crazy weekend of all-out selling.  We've been slowly selling our extra furniture, but this weekend is all about the smaller stuff--alongside the normal yard sale stuff we have an obscene amount of old vintage stock we just want to clear out before the move.  For any readers out there in Massachusetts (or Southern NH), I hope you'll come out and check out our wares!

Read on for all the details, and some preview pictures of a small portion of what we'll be selling...

Pyrex, Fire King, Dansk, Blendo, fondue sets!

First, on Saturday you'll find us at the giant multi-family yard sale we organized at the Groton School in Groton, MA.  Since the forecast is predicting rain, we'll be with a bunch of other faculty in a cool old barn on campus and then there will be a few other people in their own garages; we'll have maps so everyone can find all the locations, and there will be TONS of stuff, so it's totally worth coming out in the rain!
All the details:
Saturday, June 8th, 8am-3pm
Groton School in Groton, MA - look for signs from Joy Lane off Farmers Row

Glassware, Georges Briard, more Dansk, everything else for your kitchen table!

Then, we'll pack up everything that doesn't sell at the yard sale and get up super early on Sunday morning to sell at the Rietta Flea Market in Hubbardston, MA!  It's looking like the weather will be nice, so it will be a perfect flea market day for us to sell off all our awesome stuff at super cheap prices.  Find us at:
Rietta Flea Market
183 Gardner Road (Rout 68)
Hubbardston, MA 01452
opens at 6am, we'll probably pack up to go in the early afternoon

Globes, globes, globes!
Those pictures are seriously only the start... there will also be a steelcase desk chair, a craftsman wood rocking chair, a green vanity chair, desk lamps, bedside lamps, maps, blankets, antique school desk, other small furniture, clothes, and so many other mid century, Danish modern, and vintage items!

It's going to be a crazy and hopefully fun weekend!  We're almost done moving everything to the barn for the Saturday sale, and tomorrow will be filled with pricing and organizing everything.  It's going to be an exhausting weekend, but hopefully we can make some money to put towards our wedding and our move!

Are you planning to have a yard sale this summer?  Have you sold at a flea market before?  We've done it once, but we have so much more to sell this time!


  1. Good luck guys, I'm sure you'll sell a ton! If any small globes don't sell, let me know!

  2. I wish I was in your area I see lots of things I like. Good luck hope you sell everything you really want to go.

  3. Good luck selling your wares. they're damn gorgeous and you should do well! I've done flea markets YEARS ago but just to get rid of excess housewares. I broke even, people hunting at flea markets here in the South are used to seeing lots of junk and want everything you sell for bottom-of-the-barrel prices. I'm curious to try one with a super nice set-up and quality wares to see how it will do. Hmm...


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