The Wedding Ones: Invitations

It has been a month since my last wedding post, but planning has been at the forefront of my life lately, and today was the big invitation mailing day!  Wooo they're in the mail!

Of course we DIY'ed it, so we were able to save money and get exactly what we wanted.  This picture shows the full suite: invitation, RSVP front and back, information card, and pretty blue envelope.

They were designed by our amazing artist friend, Emma Mallinen (seriously go check out her website - girl is talented!), and we are SO happy with how they came out.  We just gave her a bunch of general thoughts and ideas, and she came up three design concepts, which we then narrowed down and she tailored to be just right for us.  All the pretty script is done by hand, and the flower illustrations are beautiful gouache paintings.  We're trying to convince Emma she should have a shop on Etsy selling personalized invitations... am I right?!

Once Emma emailed us the completed 300 dpi (very important for printing) files, we used Chris's paper trimmer to cut our paper to size, and then Chris's fancy inkjet printer did the rest of the work.  It definitely took up a good chunk of time, but the whole process barely made a dent in the printer's ink supply.  We also printed our return address on the back flap of our envelopes.

Here's how the cost broke down:
- $63.20 on postage (80 regular forever stamps with pretty flowers on them, and 80 postcard stamps for the RSVP cards)
- $36.99 on a giant pad of super thick and lovely art paper
- $26.56 for 100 light blue envelopes from Creatively Invited on eCrater
- about $2 (?) at Savers awhile ago on the lovely blue, pink, yellow, and white bakers twine-esque stuff, which we used to tie all the inserts together with the invite

Total cost: $128.75 for 68 invitations, and we could have done up to 80 for that exact same price!

AND we still have left overs of pretty much everything, including tons of paper, which we're thinking of using to print our own business cards.

I had a grand old time photographing our beautiful invites in every combination I could think of, so you can fully appreciate how awesome they are :)

I'm obsessed with the beautiful return address on the back of the RSVP card.  They're going to my parents in Oregon, since Chris and I are moving in the middle of this whole thing, so I covered part of it to hide my parents address, but you can get the gist of it.

Since we opted against using inner envelopes (just don't really see the point) and having some kind of folded thing to hold everything together sounded too complicated, I was very excited to discover that this bakers twine I had found at Savers a long time ago perfectly matched the colors.  I just tied up each little set of three cards with a bow, so they are held loosely together, and - bonus! - they look even more adorable.

...And I had to do one picture of everything on our classic map background.

My hand is exhausted from writing out all 68 addresses in my best attempt at pretty handwriting, but at least I made Chris do most of the envelope licking because those things taste pretty awful after a few.  I'm so glad this step is done so we can start getting RSVP's back and move into the final rounds of planning!

What do you think of our invites?  Would you try DIYing your invitations?


  1. So pretty and inexpensive, too! And unique to just the two of you. Perfect!

  2. They are lovely! I like that they are handmade, but look like they came from a boutique. And you can't beat that price!
    We handmade ours too and friends still mention how pretty they were 5 years later. It's funny the things people remember. People are going to be talking about your wedding for a while too! You guys are so creative.

  3. They are gorgeous, your friend should definitely go into business. I love your attention to detail with the stamps, I didn't even think to see if there was anything other than the Queen on offer here in the UK! I handmade my Wedding invites too (I blogged about them here if you want a peek http://makedomum1.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/handmade-wedding-invitations.html) Hope all the wedding plans are going well :)

  4. They are lovely me and our printer do not get along that well for me to ever do cards like that with a computer and printer.

  5. Those are gorgeous! And what a great price, too! :)


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