The Wedding Ones: DIY Felted Floral Boutonnieres

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I've been checking more and more tasks off my giant wedding list lately, and I'm starting to get into some more DIY projects that need doing.  I'm probably a little early to be thinking about the boutonnieres, but for some reason I just can't get them off my mind, so I thought I would make a first attempt.  We were interested in having boutonnieres that don't have any fresh flowers, partly so they can be assembled safely ahead of time, and partly just because we like the idea of them being non-perishable.  So far I have made one sample version and started the bones of more...

I'm quite happy with how it turned out.  Awhile ago I ordered a bunch of wool roving in our wedding colors, and Chris liked the idea of felt ball "flowers" along with something else natural for a simple colorful boutonniere.  We have tons of dried baby's breath, and I realized that it would be the perfect natural element; it's surprisingly durable, and will perfectly match the fresh baby's breath that we'll be using.  The boutonniere I started with is in the peachy color range, and we're thinking that Chris's will be aqua blues to separate him from the groomsmen, who will have ones similar to the sample.

These were my supplies, most of which I already owned, and the rest I easily picked up at Michael's for a few dollars.  Starting on the left and moving clockwise, we have: twine, floral stem tape, floral stem wire, dried baby's breath, and wool roving.  Things I used that aren't pictured are small pliers, needle felting tools (foam and felting needle), and clear nail polish.

This picture basically shows the steps involved... first I needle felted some wool balls, next I attached the stem wire, and then arranged some baby's breath to make it look good.  Next I wrapped the stems tightly with floral tape to keep everything in place, and finally I wrapped over the floral tape with twine and "glued" the end of the twine in place with clear nail polish (I tried krazy glue first but it failed miserably... the nail polish worked much better.  Anyone have any better ideas for a twine adhesive?).  We'll use long pins to attach the boutonnieres onto the guys' lapels/shirts.

For anyone who wants to try this themselves, I found this very thorough tutorial for making a felt ball boutonniere, which has the step-by-step guide for someone who has never needle-felted before, but I was particularly interested in step 4 (how to attach the stem wire securely).  I also posted about making needle-felting balls last December, so you can read my instructions for that part here.

Now I can't decide if I should make all the boutonnieres while I'm in the swing of it and have all the materials out, or if I should wait until I get to California.  Either way I'll take more pictures once I have more to show!

What do you think of my little creations?  Worthy boutonnieres for the big day?  Did/would you make your own boutonnieres for your wedding?


  1. The sample is really pretty, very simple and elegant. I think it's a great idea to make them with non-perishable/durable items. In our wedding, the guys got hugged so much that it crushed their flowers to their chests. I was kind of bummed because they weren't cheap!

  2. These are delightful. The colours are perfect and the dried flower so pretty. This is right up my alley and I wouldnt change a thing! Our whole wedding wad DIY but just had fresh flowers from the market in my hubbys suit. x


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