The Nifty Thrifty: Our Last Brimfield

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This past Saturday marked our last time as locals at the Brimfield Flea Market.  For those of you who have never experienced the true awesomeness and glory of Brimfield let me just give you an idea of what the Brimfield experience entails...
Brimfield is an outdoor antique market that happens over one week three times every year, and it is a mile-long stretch of fields filled with over 5000 vendors selling just about everything you could imagine.  We usually go looking for items we know and love, but it's always fun to peruse the vast array of things you never even thought existed.

Yesterday was our fourth trip: the first visit we bought some small items and just took it all in, the second trip we bought our orange Eames chairs, on the third time we returned I proposed to Julia and we bought an awesome mcm room divider (which we sold today!), and this time we got a few gems and some bad sunburns...

Being the Brimfield veterans that we claim to be, we hurried to start with our favorite mid century modern booths, and surprisingly (for us) we only picked up the lovely enamel pan on the right.  This is the exact same size and shape as a Cathrineholm pan we own, but this one is made by Celebration of Norway.  Apparently they were made by the same factory, and we enjoyed the unique bold pattern.

For the next six hours we perused the rest of the market, heading for our favorite areas first.  Just as I was about to mandate that we avoid buying any globes...

We caved for this awesome early-mid 1960's Cram Plasti-lite light-up globe for only $20!  This will replace the light-up globe in our personal collection.

Then we saw a little tin globe bank by J. Chein from the mid 1920's, but it was over $90... a few hours of walking and many booths later we found the exact same little globe for $29!  I negotiated with the seller, and minutes later we had purchased it for $24.  It will be replacing the tin globe bank in our globe collection, and this one is even made by the same company as our beloved moon globe.

Julia's favorite find of the day was this awesome pastel hudson bay style wool blanket, made by Saguenay in Chicoutimi, Quebec.  This will be one of the few items that will go up on our Etsy shop before the move.

The biggest and most awesome buy from this year's Brimfield trip was this beautiful tulip coffee table by Eero Saarinen.  It's the same size as our old coffee table but is such an incredible upgrade.  I had gone into Brimfield this year looking for a round white Eames coffee table, but when we found this bad boy Julia and I just melted.  We love the black base, and we managed to haggle down the price a good one hundred dollars, which made it actually affordable.  I had seen an all white Eames coffee table at Brimfield last year, and had regretted not splurging on it ever since, but we just bought this awesome Eames rocker on the right the other day, and we figured that we didn't need more Herman Miller.

If you're wondering what happened to our white Eames style rocker, we sold it to our very good friend, Erik, who will be officiating our wedding.  We figured that since we made so much on selling our Plycraft Eames style recliner we could and should splurge on the much smaller upholstered original Eames rocker that we really wanted from Cast and Crew on Etsy.  We also used the profit from selling the mid century room divider that we bought at last year's fall Brimfield to pay for the Saarinen coffee table.

We're trading up, and moving out!  Did you end up at Brimfield this week?  Have you always wanted to go?  What would you buy if you could?

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  1. I would love to go to Brimfield, allas I'm in the opposite side of the country. I will thrift vicariously through you for now. Great upgrades!

  2. I have heard of Brimfield and some day I hope to see it. Unfortunately there are no flea markets around my area. Oh well, I focus on garage sales and estate auctions.

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I went to our local flea market this weekend. It was no where near as cool as Brimfield sounds. That table is so cool, I'm super excited for you guys! It compliments your space so well.

  4. Love it all! I haven't been to Brimfield in YEARS but you guys definitely make me want to return. My favorite is the wool blanket -- gorgeous.

  5. You're getting a name for globes!

    I adore that blanket, such sweet colours x

  6. i have a small but growing collection of hudson bay style blankets but i have never seen one done in pastels. it took my breath away.

  7. I am all about that fabulous rug in your house! It's beautiful!

  8. I still can't believe that I have never been to Brimfield. One of these days I will plan a meet up trip with my thrifting friends. Great finds and nicely done with the up grades!

  9. Your living room looks great! Thanks for hosting us!

  10. love the money box and the globe. Love your use of geography with your finds. That's what drew me to your site in the first place...your header is a map of my neck of the woods. Curious about the red dots...places you stayed on a trip? (I was born at red dot #7)

  11. Your finds are such a source of inspiration for me - thank you!

  12. ::sigh:: Brimfield...it's on my list. That and the 127 Corridor 450 mile long flea market. I don't mind the long road trip for either from St. Louis Mo., but unfortunately they always fall on the beginning of the month when I cannot take time off from work! One of these days I'll get it all worked out. It took a couple of years to get back to Canton First Monday's flea market...so it can be done I hope.

  13. Brimfield is on my Bucket List for sure, right after Roundtop, Texas! I recently read a book called Killer Stuff & Ton's of Money. The author shadows a dealer for several years and Brimfield is one of their annual stops. It's kind of a behind the scenes view of the antique markets. It's fun to read about someone who actually has visited. I'm so glad that you found the perfect coffee table. I'll bet that made your year:-)


  14. That blanket is so gorgeous!


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