The Nifty Thrifty: Brass and Tweed

Only five more days of favoriting on Apartment Therapy Small Cool!  If you haven't voted yet, make sure you go favorite our apartment before the time is up, and thanks!

After Brimfield last weekend we didn't really feel the need to thrift this week, but we did have two other non-Brimfield finds from last week that we completely forgot about in the excitement over our new coffee table.

Sometime last week we stopped at Savers--a surprisingly rare occurrence these days--and while we were there we bought some summery clothes for ourselves and a couple awesome vintage pieces.  The two shiny brass Nagel style candle holders on the table were Julia's find.  We had another one of these candle holders, which I recently sold to someone who came to buy a Danish modern chair from a craigslist listing.  These two are in even better condition, and will go up on Etsy once we reach CA--for the most part we're taking a break from listing new items until we can catch our breath.

My find of the day was the set of Danish modern kitchen chairs.  When I found them they had terrible fabric on them, but then I realized that someone had simply stapled it on after I peeked under the fabric and this beautiful tweed lay hidden beneath.  We bought the pair for $14, brought them home, and quickly removed all the ugly fabric;  there is some wear to the tweed on the backrests, but they still look ok.  We could really care less, and maybe we'll even get them re-upholstered someday.  We had been using our two orange Eames shell chairs at the table, but their size, the rolling casters, and the limited space made them a bit difficult and inconvenient.  We've been looking for good kitchen table chairs for over a year, so we'll definitely be keeping these!

How did you fare this week?  Have you been yard sale-ing?

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  1. Thanks for hosting. You two are getting so close to your move. It will be interesting to see your CA thrifting opportunities in the future.

  2. Didn't find much this weekend but, yesterday I sold a Danish Teak Dining set to a nice lady to whom I agreed to deliver it to. When I got to her place she already had a set of Teak Eric Buck dining chairs that she was just adding to. "Nice", I think...and told her so. Then I helped her take a folding table to her basement and spotted a big white Milo Baughman floor lamp languishing in the corner. I told her I'd do some research and maybe sell it for her on consignment.

  3. Love those chairs! Your posts always remind me to hold back and only go for the best mod finds, I try to do this but then I find so much more for pocket change that I can't resist...bad me.

  4. I have favorited your apartment. Good luck and have a great week!


  5. it never would have occured to me to lift up the fabric - well done!

  6. Thanks for hosting, Always like seeing what you have found even though I know you are moving soon.

  7. I love, LOVE, love! Those chairs and tin topped table!

  8. Thanks so much for hosting! Love these linky parties to see what other thrifters are finding. I'm following now too - thanks again :)

  9. I'm still drooling over your new coffee table, it's so cool! And those candle holders are so neat. Such an interesting shape.
    I'm excited to see how you guys design your next place in California. Still crossing my fingers for you for the Apartment Therapy contest.

  10. We were in Las Vegas last week and drove by a store that advertised "Vintage Swedish Furniture". I thought of you guys!

    Glad you found yourself some great chairs. They are perfect!


  11. can't link-we're remodeling and I CANT shop at all but I will read and lust!

  12. Brass + tweed...two of my favorite things! ;)


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