The Wedding Ones: To Do

At this point in the extravaganza that is wedding planning, I've done most of the big things (like booking a venue, a photographer, and a caterermaking/sending out the Save the Datesmaking a website, etc), and now I'm working on finalizing my ideas, making a huge to do list, and starting to check things off the list.  Here are a few things I've been working on and thinking about lately...


I've been trying to decide how to style our tables in a way that is simple but still interesting and fun, which is complicated by the fact that we're not having a sit-down dinner, so there won't be any place-settings, just centerpieces.  On a seemingly unrelated note, I was also still deciding what to do with all the vintage fabrics I've been picking up in our wedding colors at thrift stores.

Then I found this really easy tutorial on Martha Stewart Weddings (of all places...) on making round table runners with a scalloped edge, and I knew right away I had found my solution.  Of course it will end up looking rather different from the Martha Stewart picture, but the idea is there; I might do something other than the scalloped edge, and I will use a different colorful pattern (aqua blues and peachy golds, of course) on each table.  As far as what's going to be on the fabric in the middle of the tables...

from here
from here
from here

We've been playing around with some baby's breath and things we have lying around our apartment, and we're feeling that the centerpieces will be some combination of these three pictures... so that means there will be old aqua Ball jars (we already own a few, and now we're on the lookout for more) or maybe other interesting vintage glass containers filled with baby's breath and maybe some other cool peachy colored flowers (all of which we'll buy at the San Francisco Flower Mart when we get to Berkeley), some big cool air plants, and we'll probably add some simple white and glass candles to the mix, too (maybe even some homemade ones!).  I'm still trying to convince Chris that we should mix in some little vintage globes, as well.

What do you think of our round table runner and centerpiece ideas?  Any suggestions of other easy but high impact things we could add?


After all the work that went into our DIY Save the Dates, I'm very excited to let someone else design our invitations!  Originally we were planning to DIY the invites, too, but then we came up with the brilliant idea of asking our super creative friends Emma and Brian to design them for us as a wedding gift, and I could not be happier that they said yes.  This isn't a great picture of it (I just snapped a screenshot of part of the larger image of our kitchen), but this awesome hand screen-printed calendar was a Christmas gift from Brian and Emma, and if that is any indication (along with all the art Emma has ever made :), I know our invites will be super cool.


I bought my wedding shoes awhile ago, when they were on super sale at Anthropologie, and I'm still in love with my Miss Albright heels.  My dress is tea length, so although shoes aren't usually my thing, it suddenly became important that I find some killer heels.  I wanted to add a little color and fun to my outfit, while still staying within a vintage style (my dress is 1950's).  For 3.5" heels, they're actually pretty comfortable, but comfort is a relative thing, and as I mentioned, I'm not much of a shoe person... plus the wedding is going to call for many hours of standing and dancing.  Something about that whole suffering for beauty thing just isn't my style.

1 - from here
So, I'm thinking that I should pick up some inexpensive flats to slip on later in the night if it comes to it.  But of course, with the tea length dress, I want to make sure my feet don't look silly in any old shoes, so I'm leaning towards heading to Target and grabbing some aqua ballet flats.  Here are a few options they have online that I'm interested in.  Which ones are your favorite?

2- from here
3 - with ribbon instead of shoelace... from here


  1. I just saw this for shoe number two...


  2. Those Anthro shoes are killer!!! I think it would depend on the style of your dress, but all three casual options are cute.


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